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Kotobukiya Bishoujo Review: DC’s Batgirl

Note: I was not paid nor sponsored to do this toy review. This is completely out of appreciation of the figure. Also you may click on the images for a high quality view of  the statue. Thank you!

Credits: Figure and photography courtesy of my boyfriend, P.

For this toy review, I’ll be putting the spotlight on one of the figures from the successful and coveted Kotobukiya Bishoujo collection: DC’s Batgirl, who debuted as the first DC superheroine Kotobukiya produced in their Bishoujo collection to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of DC Comics.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the toy line yet, the Kotobukiya Bishoujo Collection is probably one of Kotobukiya’s most successful and impressive endeavors to date. Kotobukiya teamed up with renowned illustrator Shunya Yamashita for the concept art of the toy line, giving the prominent and well-loved femme fatales and superheroines we know a bishoujo (pretty girl) twist. The incredible anime-pin-up rendition of the characters and their overall quality as statues  makes them one of the most sought-after toy lines ever.

Batgirl was a fantastic choice as a beginning to the Kotobukiya Bishoujo’s D.C line, being the iconic and lovely red-haired crime-fighter who functions  as the crime-fighting colleague of Batman and Robin since her introduction in the 70s. I have great love for this Batgirl statue, even if she isn’t one of the Bishoujos that are truly my favorites. How can anyone not love Batgirl’s Bishoujo rendition with her sexy costume and alluring pose that’s sure to stop villains in their tracks?

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Evocative and Mythical: Nicol Vizioli Photography

Photographer Nicol Vizioli’s works have an unsettling quality of beauty and eeriness that tugs my heartstrings that instant I came across her work. Her photographs are clearly inspired by ancient mythology, literature, dreams and nature resulting in evocative, almost mythic images.

Born in Rome, where she studied Cinema & Digital Arts, Nicol Vizioli started working as a painter while completing her MA in Fashion Photography at London College of Fashion. Having initially studied painting, her photographs reflect the relationship of painting and photography and the inseparable influence they have on each other.

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Spapple’s DC Comics Bishoujo Wonderwoman by Kotobukiya (sculpted by Shunya Yamashita)

Stare at the prettiness that she is. This is actually a well-done figure and the statue is very accurate in depicting the illustration Shunya Yamashita provided. Almost down to every detail in my opinion. the statue is very accurate in depicting the illustration. It’s obvious that the sculptor also payed very close attention to the way he sculpted her suit and body. I adore the excellent use of striking primary colors for her outfit and the touch of gold is eye-catching, which really makes her stand out from the rest of the Bishoujos. I also adore the signature eye style of Shunya Yamashita to his figures and the look Wonderwoman gives is both seductive and authoritative.

Photography © Paolo Belleza

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