Arisfael @ Pitas Archives

Since Pitas is down, I won’t be able to update over there as well as edit my archives page. So if you want to access my previous entries over there, here are the links.

12th version

13th version

14th version

15th version

16th version

17th version

18th version

19th version

20th version

21st version

22nd version

23rd version

24th version

25th version

26th version

27th version

28th version

29th Version

30th version

31st version

32nd version

33rd version

34th version

35th version

36th version

37th version

38th version

39th version


One response to “Arisfael @ Pitas Archives

  1. Liliana Martínez.

    Hi, my name is Liliana, i’m from México. I can not speak english well. You know? i love your handwritting, can you send me more pictures, really i love it, Thanks. Kisses from México.

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