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Strange How We Fit Each Other: A Haz TIF fanmix

HL fanmix H

Strange how you know inside me/ I measure the time and I stand amazed/ Strange how I know inside you/ My hand is outstretched toward the damp of the haze/ And of course I forgive/ I’ve seen how you live/ Like a phoenix you rise from the ashes
Eric’s Song // Vienna Teng

For the earnest boy who’s practically bursting of youthful optimism and tenderness and wears his big heart on his sleeve; for the times he couldn’t decide whether to pull away or push forward and for being there for L when he made a courageous choice to free fall. For H, the boy L loves, who smells like grass and tastes like snow.

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A Love That Won’t Sit Still: A Lou TIF fanmix

HL fanmix L

I was ready for the downslide/ but not for spring to well up/ This feeling calls for everything I can’t afford/ to know is possible now/ What do I do with a love that won’t sit still?

Stray Italian Greyhound // Vienna Teng

A fanmix dedicated L’s character in ‘These Inconvenient Fireworks’ a fanfiction masterpiece written by everydayslike and mdasch.  I’ve already made TIF fanmix previously, which focuses on H and L’s story line and you can listen to here. Making this fanmix for L (and H’s—which I will post later) was truly a feat because of how emotionally invested I was with the well being of these characters. I really enjoyed making this though for L in the TIF universe. These are songs are for L’s inner struggle with himself as someone unexpected comes to break down the walls he built himself for years, the undeniable pull he and H have towards each other and for what it means to not take for granted the times you could tell people you love them.

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There Is Thunder in Our Hearts: A TIF Fanmix

These Inconvenient Fireworks, written by the elusive everydayslike and mdasch (they choose to completely be anonymous) is already one of the highlights of my 2013 and reading it felt like Christmas in February. I can’t disclose the full details of the story since the authors expressed that they would really love to “keep the fourth wall as firmly intact as possible” (you can read about it here) but it’s an alternate universe fic that features my favorite pairing in the fandom universe and in real life.

These Inconvenient Fireworks’ amazing narrative is a fable of friendship and a redemption story that feels true to life and I can’t get over how realistic everything about it feels and how well-written it is. Hands down, this gem is one of the most well-written I’ve read so far. It was so incredible that it made me forget it has to end—nothing dragged on and I loved how the relationships of the lads with one another were not neglected because they all do matter to one another. The best thing about it is how inspiring it is and how my friends and I seriously considered the life choices we’ve made for the past few years until now.

This fanmix ‘There Is Thunder in Our Hearts’ is about the primary pairing in These Inconvenient Fireworks: H and L (my ship, my OTP for life) and their beautiful and painful journey of coming together, falling apart and coming together again.

Tracklist and lyrics are beyond the cut. Proceed with caution though for spoilers.

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Top 5 At The Moment

A music post after a long while is just what I need this week! I’ve decided to include a weekly set of entries called “Top 5 ATM” that features my top 5 songs ‘at the moment’ and I’ll be posting two entries per week with this—one completely anything-goes-under-the-sun entry and another top 5 ATM entry that would feature a weekly theme. This is an idea that I got from a Livejournal community (I forgot the name) I used to belong to during my Livejournal days and it was where everyone shared their top 5 songs at the moment and it was a good platform to discuss music and discover new favorites.

I think it would be a great way to introduce and rediscover music to everyone . I do encourage active participation and with that I mean commenting, recommended, asking questions or making suggestions 🙂 Besides, I really missed doing my random cathartic music-related posts and making playlists every now and then. I’m going to bring it back this year and hopefully be consistent about it.

1. Truth by Bloc Party

“You complete me/ Our kind is hard to find/ And if it will be/ It will be with you/ I am yours now”

Bloc Party is coming here in Manila on March 22 and I don’t have any money to buy tickets. Good lord, I feel like crying. This track is beyond gorgeous.  It’s clean, simple, intimate and just bleeds with human emotion. Check out their most recent album Four following an extended hiatus and it’s a great return for a great band. The album is dark, hard hitting with a fantastic flow of down-tuned sounds to an edgier variety of rhythm.  Keep up the good work lads!

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Hello March!: Summer Tunes I

ImageImage via WeHeartIt

Excuse me for not updating. Honestly it’s been a mixture of “busy days” and “lazy days”. Philippine summer is knocking on this month’s door and everyone’s been feeling the scorching heat wave. I feel like it’s going to be the hottest one we’ve had and the city’s practically burning and the more sensitive residents have headaches, nausea and allergies. Yesterday, Papples experienced some form of heat stress and was left to suck on ice cubes in an air conditioned room at the end of the day. But somehow this heat doesn’t really curve the excitement I’m feeling for the season. My family and I are going to Cebu at the last few weeks of the month to visit some relatives from my mother’s side. I heard they arranged an island trip and I’m definitely psyched since it’s been years since I last spent my summer away from Manila.

On good note is that I’m officially a registered nurse and my license is going to arrive by May. Until then, I have enough time to look for a job and finally be employed so I could earn money to support all those expensive trainings I need to accomplish before working in a hospital.

R’s Summer Playlist I

Feel free to get some inspiration and good vibes from my favorite sun-season songs that I’ve been listening to a lot lately. The radio stations have been redundant lately and goodness, I’ve had enough of those pop anthems and hit-centered music they’ve been playing over and over! So here’s something different with a bit of indie thrown in.The best thing about all of these is that they all have a certain gleefulness that filters into not only your ears but through your entire system as soon as the first few notes escape from the speakers (or headphones). Your limbs go loose and your hair cascades and eventually your summer self takes a long, lung expanding breath as you listen what these songs belt out. Summer music reminds us of the long days we’re going to have and with less concern to the other mundane days we’ve had. My personal favorite is “Rock It” by Little Red and this whole playlist is how I want my summer to sound like.

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Perk Me Up

R’s Perk Me Up Playlist 001

I’m not one of those people who you could call a “morning person” and an “anti-morning person”. I’m a little bit caught in between; there are some really good mornings that I found myself waking up on the right side of the bed, ready to take on anything. And there are some days are just really terrible and I’m questioning how I’m going to get through the day. Believe me, it’s a vicious cycle and it was not easy especially last year when I was a college senior.

Image Source

But whether you wake up sluggish, thinking every morning is unmotivating or you wake up with a thankful mood and have a good feeling about the rest of the day (even if those days are rare), it makes a difference to listen to something awesome in the morning. Coffee just doesn’t do it for me. I need something flooding my ears and it just shuts everything out to get me in that steady, feel good mood. Best thing to feel in the morning and awesome tuneage just helps a lot and just boosts everything up.

I’m not saying I have the best taste in music but I just LOVE every track in this playlist. It’s not my permanent Morning Playlist however these tracks have been on constant repeat every morning when I’m on the computer (I have a bad habit if getting my computer fix immediately before breakfast) lately. And it’s in Japanese. Japanese is the language I’m still learning and I have to admit I don’t understand every bit of Japanese in the lyrics but personally I have to say I’ve improved 🙂 And besides, these songs in particular sound amazing! I simply cannot resist unique musical arrangements.

These bands are my personal favorites by the way and I highly recommend them especially to J-music enthusiasts. They’re all fantastic!

It kind of tells a story. Just listen and don’t overthink. Sometimes it’s the beat, sometimes it’s the words. No matter what, music is the key to creating positive emotions.

Happy mornings are awesome.

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The Love Song Mix

It’s almost that time of the year again. I don’t care much for what happens on February 14/Valentine’s Day and honestly I think that sometimes it puts a little too much pressure on everyone, couples and single people alike. Although I do think it’s nice when you receive something from someone, whether it’s a friend, schoolmate, colleague, relative or from your immediate family. But even without that extra something, it doesn’t mean you’ll be forever alone throughout the rest of the year and the next year or the year after. I’m not trying to be mean but I just don’t understand why this tradition brings everyone else’s complaints about being “lonely” to a whole new level.

Instead of spoiling the opportunity you have to be happy by being bitter and whiny, channel that negativity to something positive. I think by starting that way, it would change negative perceptions about this certain time of year.

That aside, I’m going to show a person how much I my appreciation is in this post. Songs are fantastic for things like this, yes? Some of my favorite love songs are all here and it just feels right to share them. Le good kind of cheese.

Hello P 🙂


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