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Love List: Little Gifts

♠ A random “happy thought gift” from P: my very own Rubik’s Snake! P, being the puzzle lover that he is, happily shared to me the love of Rubik’s puzzles and it’s actually quite addicting. I could spend a lot of time just immersed in this toy and figuring out the various shapes I could do with it. I’m still quite a beginner actually and the heart is one of the few shapes I could do with this Rubik’s Snake. Thank you P! ♥ I’ll probably do a separate post on my puzzle ventures next time 🙂

♠ A lovely wrapped gift from my friend R with equally lovely presents inside: Nendoroid Petite figures of my favorite girl Rin Tohsaka and Sakura Matou from the Fate/Stay Night series. This late Christmas gift gave a wonderful added cheer for my New Year definitely so thank you so much awesome bro R!

♠ An unexpected favorite~  I’ve been drinking plenty of this particular Japanese green tea and it’s so good. This year I promised to improve my health conscious behavior and decided it’s time I put an effort to consuming anti oxidants for its many benefits of course. This is actually a gift for my aunt from my relatives abroad so I’m not sure if this is available here, but I’m really glad they shared it with me. I make myself a cup every night before I go to sleep and it certainly helps me with my stress at the end of the day and I wake up the next day feeling more refreshed than usual and I’m not sure if it’s also the effect of drinking this, but it helped me with some of my digestive concerns. Yay for green tea!

♠ American Horror Story: Asylum’s last episode “The Name Game”. Was anyone caught off with this episode as much as I was? Easily my favourite episode of the series since “Dark Cousin” and just when I was thinking it’s getting a bit boring and dragging with all the scheming and plotting, the series jumps right back with this genius of an episode. The writers were probably thinking “okay, we’ve tortured these people too much and now it’s time for a party” and then boom! I can’t even grasp how this certain dance sequence in the episode would become so effective in the series and totally infectious! It’s officially become my last song syndrome and Jessica Lange is pure gold in this! I also find Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters absolutely delightful in this and everything just works in this episode and I’m not just talking about the dance sequence. But seriously though, I think they handled the theme of the horror of losing a voice pretty well in this. This whole episode had pretty interesting results for the characters we all love and hate. If you haven’t seen the more recent episodes of AHS:A, you have to see it!

“I think he (Evan Peters) really had a good time. He’s a wonderful dancer, isn’t he? And he had that whole thing down, that naughty boy thing he was doing.” – Jessica Lange on “The Name Game” sequence.

♠ A pretty interesting list of The Worst Words of 2012 and I quote one: “People using INBOX as a verb. (to email someone) Best articulated by a tweet I woke up to one morning (can’t remember the source): “If you tell me to Inbox you, I will Emergency Room your face.”

♠ The 10 Most Beautiful School Libraries. Take note: school libraries and these are dream-worthy.

♠ A fantastic way to hit off my 2013 music with a new single released by one of my favourite Jrock bands ONE OK ROCK. The song “Deeper Deeper” is incredible!  I was awake late last night listening to this on repeat with the volume as loud as I could get away with. Loving that breakdown at 2:50 and this sound is my current (as Brittany Snow put it in Pitch Perfect) “lady jam”.


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Love List: The Little Things


♠ Finally, I’ve managed to finish BBC’s Sherlock and the experience was beyond satisfying! I doubt I could give it an objective review for now because I found myself unexpectedly emotionally invested in the show especially the characters. I thoroughly enjoyed the second season of the series;  it definitely matches the quality of the first season and overall it truly didn’t disappoint me. I was practically bawling at the last episode and I have to admit my emotions got ahead of me but what an ending with The Reichenbach Fall! I felt that this modernization of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes allowed me to see and appreciate the stories the way I would have read them: cutting-edge and exciting contemporary stories and not simply as mere “classics”. This present-day Sherlock definitely has a future and now the horrible period of waiting for season 3 officially starts for me.

♠ Train rides with my Boy. He’s wonderful and makes commuting trips seem relatively short and easier. Although we do get by with a car, it’s not so easy here in Manila where there’s still a horrendous lack of urban planning which results to heavy traffic every now and then that takes a toll on our gas consumption. We ride the MRT from time to time and as much as unpleasant the experience maybe (crowded, the heat) we’ve gotten used to it and it’s so much nicer when you have an awesome companion with you. We could just talk and talk and be silly until fellow passengers give us strange looks.

♠ You can never go wrong with a great, heavy meal of shawarma rice done right. Thank you for the treat Spong!

♠ One of the happiest feelings for me is when I get a chance to read a new book and it gives you a tremendous feeling after and you wonder if there’s any way to soak up a great piece of literature like the ones you just read. Experiencing it with this three books is exactly that feeling. I’ll probably give a mini book review about these three eventually, so watch out for it.

♠ The Avengers official gag reel and I was lucky to have seen it while it floated around the interwebs for a brief period of time before Disney took it down. I’ve loved the cast as whole since the movie’s release and seeing them interact in the interviews and press tours. Seeing that gag reel made me love them more! Ah, they have a nice little family thing going on there and Tom Hiddleston just… afgsweryega!

♠ Speaking of the Avengers, check out these shirts made by the winners of the Marvel Villains Design Contest by I’d love to own all of these! Tom Hiddleston even participated in the judging of the designs and the winner who made the God of Mischief shirt sure does it right!

♠ Playing Guitar Hero with my Boy on his  PS3 console. I have no musical talents whatsoever and I have bad coordination with the fingers on my left hand, but whenever I manage to finish a song even on the ‘Easy’ level, it feels really, really awesome.

♠ Reading shoujo manga in ungodly hours because you just can’t stop! I’ve just finished Faster Than A Kiss (I need my dose of fluff) and I’m just waiting for the next release of Love So Life and Suki tte Ii Na Yo.

Ciaran Hinds as Mance Rayder, the King Beyond the Wall, for the upcoming Season 3 of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Ah, I’m excited! I loved him as Caesar in HBO’s Rome (he was spectacular there, another series I recommend as well) and he’s definitely a great choice! Although I did picture a much younger actor playing the role of Mance, I think Ciaran can pull off that charismatic swag Mance has. I’m pleased with this casting choice. Now I’m just waiting for them who will they cast as the hottest character Oberyn Martell.

What are you loving lately?

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Love List: New Fandoms

♠ A bit late I know, but I just finished Book 1 of Avatar: The Last Airbender and immediately got hooked! Hello new fandom! Why only now? Sometime ago I just stopped caring for the shows Nickelodeon had before Avatar premiered, at the same time I stopped watching television altogether. Eventually I got wrapped up in so many other fandoms that it just didn’t occur to me to check it out. Just recently, I managed to watch 3 episodes of Avatar: The Legend of Korra and I liked it. My friends who were into the fandom earlier than me advised to watch first the original series first to familiarize myself with canon themes that appear in Korra, which I did and I finished Avatar’s Book 1 in a single day! Pretty great stuff actually and the thrill I feel watching it reminds me of the same thrill I felt when I was a kid watching those good ol’ afternoon cartoons. Even if I’m a tad bit late on the fandom, I consider Avatar to be a feel-good series for me this season. Psyched for Book 2!

♠ BBC’s Sherlock is simply beyond amazing! I don’t know why I’ve been putting off watching the series for so long and now that I’m finished with the first season, I can say without doubt I’m utterly in love with the series. The hit BBC series Sherlock offers a fresh, contemporary take on the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories with young (and brilliant) actor Benedict Cumberbatch cast as the 21st century Sherlock Holmes opposite the wonderful Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson. As far as my experience with story of the iconic Sherlock Holmes goes, I’ve only read one story back in high school (the Hound of the Baskervilles) and been exposed only to Guy Ritchie’s films in terms of visual media. So far we’ve been introduced to Sherlock Holmes within the settings of 19th century England and now, BBC’s series takes Holmes’ story in a modern day setting without compromising the basic  elements and integrity of the story… well, as far as I know. So far my favorite episode from Season 1 is ‘A Study in Pink’; very strong character introductions and the writing was superb!  Bravo BBC! I’m looking forward to watching Season 2, which I’ve heard does not disappoint!

Divergent by Veronica Roth was an interesting young adult novel I’ve finished a few weeks ago when I was looking for something new to read. The book turned out to be a great choice after all and after I made it through the 100 page mark, I was hooked at Tris’ story of survival. Honestly, I love the dystopian genre of literature but I have little exposure with it in the young adult category and The Hunger Games series was the only thing I’ve read in this type so far (I thoroughly enjoyed it). Made a mental note to check out more young adult books under the dystopian genre because there’s really good stuff there.

In Divergent, the story is set in a future Chicago where sixteen-year-old Beatrice Prior must choose among five predetermined factions dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue to define her identity for the rest of her life. It’s a decision made more difficult when she discovers that she is an anomaly who does not fit into a single faction and must choose between staying with her family and being who she really is.

The writing is fast-paced, which is good for a story that’s riveting and edgy as this, against a backdrop of a relentlessly disturbing hypothetical future. Found myself reading the novel intently and was compelled to go on, to find out what happens next and fight my way to a hopeful end for Tris. Highly recommended! Am I the only one here who agrees that Taissa Farmiga is a perfect Tris Prior? Reading the book, I totally had her in mind as Tris! I rarely fan cast but she’s amazing and  I think she can very well handle the demands of the Tris’ character. Have you seen her as Violet in FX’s  American Horror Story? She’s a star there.

What are you loving lately?


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Love List: Books, A Minion, Gokaigers, etc.

♠ Cutest bed buddies ever! Meet Larrie, the Minion and Nu-noo, the noodle obsessed chick. Both are from P, of course ♥

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Simple Joys

3D Wooden Puzzles – These were really lovely, easy to assemble and they come at a cheap price. P bought a scorpion one while I bought a tarantula one. The only downside was there were cuts that were irregularly made so you really have to be careful when you poke them out of the thin wooden boards the patterns are attached to. And sandpaper and wood glue are a requirement to make the joints stronger so the figure won’t fall apart. For something to keep your hands busy, this is a great buy 🙂

Max Factory and Good Smile’s Figma Saber of Fate/Stay Night – a belated Christmas gift from my good friend R. She’s my first Figma figure and a Fate/Stay Night (which I am a fan of) character on top of that so it was a pretty sweet gift that R picked up. I haven’t opened her yet but so far I’m liking what I’m seeing in the figure. This Saber comes with a fair number of accessories which includes Caliburn and Excalibur, as well as Caliburn’s sheathe and Avalon. It would be pretty fun to play around with her and I’m sure she’ll look great in photos. Thank you for the awesome gift R!

Philips GoGEAR MP3 Player RaGa in 4GB – Since my MP3 player died last year, I knew I needed to get a replacement ASAP. Although I did have to wait until I get my congratulatory reward for passing the NLE, it was worth the wait! I love this player to bits! It’s user friendly and despite it’s small size, it’s not a hassle to browse through my music at all with the controls. All I wanted was a highly functional and handy player and this one definitely delivers. The best part was that it READS JAPANESE KANJI. I don’t have to go through the trouble of renaming any Japanese songs I want to listen to in romanji form (I’m a bit OC when it comes to that)!

Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream – I just had to put this here. The contents of this tub definitely formed a love affair with my skin. Since it’s hypoallergenic, I used it on my face and it made the skin around my eyes and the dry patches on my forehead so smooth~ I use it every now and then and since I love the smell, it’s so addictive whenever I put it on my skin. Great stuff.

Galactic nails – I love this shade! The color is so interesting– there’s a mix of gray, dark blue, a hint green and purple. It’s one of my favorite shades in my nail polish collection and the photo just doesn’t do it justice! It’s so interesting when the sunlight hits my nails and the polish is such a pretty holographic, duo-chrome color with all the glitters 🙂

A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin – That’s my little ball of happy yellow fur Poink with my copy of A Storm of Swords. It’s the third book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series and was given to be my my good friend N 🙂 I wasn’t supposed to read it until season 2 of Game of Thrones ends (which is based on the second book). But it was just there, tempting me! The green cover wasn’t hard to miss everytime I look at my bookshelf and so I gave into temptation haha! I’ve been reading the chapters bit by bit and OMGGGG~ I think my thoughts about this one needs a separate entry but so far, I’m LOVING IT so much!

Il Mercanti in MetrowalkIl Mercanti is a food bazaar located in Metrowalk, Pasig City that offers free parking, a wide variety of food choices and lots of seats and tables for dining. It’s about time P and I explore the world of food bazaars and we finally decided to check this one out after the many times the smell of food tempted us whenever we go by Metrowalk to buy DVDs. And it’s probably one of the best gastronomic experiences we’ve had! You can’t really go wrong with a long stick of wonderfully cooked isaw and Betamax with rice and all of it for an affordable prize! Good God, Jesus please take the wheel on this one and the thought of how good it was just makes us go…

Hugo (2011) – Let me begin by saying IT’S SUCH A PERFECT MOVIE! At first, P and I weren’t sure if the movie was worth a watch in 3D. But then it was an Oscar nominee and movies like Hugo are our type of thing to watch. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve made so far. Hugo is one of those films that you should not miss watching in the big screen and I have to say it’s definitely intended for the 3D format. I can’t even begin to describe the lushness of the visuals when it pops out of the screen and P and I we’re just reaching to them. We both agreed it was the best 3D films we’ve watched ever and it felt like we were kids watching the whole thing. I have to say it’s one of the most charming movies I’ve seen in my lifetime and it’s definitely a love letter to film making (considering all the crappy blockbuster hits that’s been coming out) 🙂 Thank you Martin Scorcese!

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Monday Love List

PYou have no idea how closely I wrapped myself around your heart.

Chronicle (2012) – P and I watched it the other day and we were just surprised how good it was. It’s a mockumentary film about teen superhero origins done just right. It has a very unique take on the idea of superpowers and what it could do to normal people like us– we wouldn’t even use it to save the world; we’d probably use it the same way the boys did in the film. It was very interesting and P and I we’re just raving about it. Definitely check it out if you haven’t seen it yet! Here’s the trailer:

Sisig Hooray’s Chicken Sisig in barkada size. P and I don’t care. We just love to EAT and this one in particular just makes us go:

Batshit crazy for it.

Tenkuu no Escaflowne (Vision of Escaflowne) anime marathons for that epic nostalgia wave of the late 90s. This is my third time watching the series and it still blew my mind the same way it did when I watched it for the first time many years ago. Definitely an anime classic and my OTP is still Hitomi and Van. Like what my friend said, awkward teenage romances for the win and Van is still just gorgeous. I still have the soft spot for his character after all this years!

♠ Zooey Deschanel is one of the few women I look up to. And I just found something: an interesting letter she wrote to Vogue when she was 17 and Vogue actually published it.

♠ Re-reading my copy of Brothers Grimm’s Complete Fairytales and realizing how I love them. It’s interesting that my particular favorites are definitely the stories with things Disney fairytales aren’t made of. But all of them have that recurring theme of senseless violent deaths, deals with the Devil, mayhem, madness and treachery. I’ll probably do an entry about my favorite tales one of these days.

♠ Beautiful paper dresses made from vintage maps! Source.

♠ I think this seemed really appropriate: Salvador Dali’s illustrations for Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

♠ Finding out someone does the same weird things as you do.

A Lord of the Rings Valentines! These are definitely fun and it’s definitely nice to send them to your friends. My favorite is the Sauron and Aragorn one.

♠ Seeing someone read your favorite book.

♠ Watching Fight Club with P.

♠ When someone offers the rest of their food to you. I mean, who can resist that? HAHA!

♠ The movie Warrior (2011) which stars Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte. I’ve never (on a regular basis) watched a sports themed action drama film and I have to thank P for letting me watch this one because it’s definitely a good place to start. I loved it more than I thought I would and ended up shedding a few tears near the end of the film. The whole plot was good and there was a lot of thought provoking and moving instances in the stories of the 3 men. For a film industry that doesn’t get into movies dealing with sports that much, I thought this would be an exceptional addition to that genre. The actors were excellent in their roles and were able to deliver a fantastic performance in a film which I thought was gripping and intense. A must watch especially for you fans of mixed martial arts and UFC.

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Wednesday Love List

A still of one of the many beautiful scenes of Hoshi o Ou Kodomo

Hoshi o Ou Kodomo (星を追う子ども) or Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below – a 2011 Japanese animated film by Makoto Shinkai is by far the most beautiful and nostalgic animated films I watched in a long time. I have no words to fully express how visually breathtaking this film is and the plot is great too. The plot did gave a bit of a Ghibli vibe though but the art and animation is definitely top notch. The film was wonderful and it gave me the right amount of fantasy, adventure and melancholia in the right doses. I recommend you watch this! I’ll probably do a review about it soon!

Star Wars Nursery – Probably the cutest thing I’ve seen all day! It’s terribly chic for a nursey of  2-month-old boy and it didn’t look tacky at all.

Snoe No. 9 Exfoliating Oatmeal beauty bar –Bath soaps are usually a hit or miss for me. Most soaps tend to leave my skin overly “squeaky clean” that most of my skin’s natural moisture is stripped off. Usually I prefer shower gels and so far, I’ve been sticking to only one soap brand that gives makes me feel clean without being stripped off of too much moisture.

Found this oatmeal soap while walking around Robinson’s Galleria and decided to buy it for it’s mild exfoliating properties. The soap ended up being a total hit for me and I even use it on my face because it’s creamy, lightweight and my skin feels clean yet really soft afterwards. It’s non-greasy and definitely gentle enough even for those with sensitive skin. So far no dry spots and no skin irritations from using with this one. It’s mostly organic and has a great milky powdery scent which I love.

Retro Super Hero Pin-Up posters by Maria Danalakis! Obviously I love the Harley Quinn one but all of them are just fantastic. Check them out!

♠ P and I just enjoy cracking up at the weirdness of auto-corrects. Here’s a list of some of the Funniest Auto-Corrects!

A Naughty Fairytale by one of my favorite fashion photographers Ellen Von Unwerth is a stunning and sexually charged  short fashion film. Amazing vintage cine style and beautiful period style pieces can never go wrong in my book. NSFW.

♠ This is just awesome: The Misfits Making Mischief Tour shirt from Jem and the Holograms! I wish there were shirts like this available locally. It’s definitely one of those statement shirts I’d love to have plus I’m a HUGE fan of the show. This definitely stirs up some fun childhood memories of the early 90s.

Scent of a Superhero: Avenger Character Colognes. Yes seriously. Eau de Comics. Interesting and highly questionable. Do you want to smell like a green radiation monster? I thought so.


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