Love List: Little Gifts

♠ A random “happy thought gift” from P: my very own Rubik’s Snake! P, being the puzzle lover that he is, happily shared to me the love of Rubik’s puzzles and it’s actually quite addicting. I could spend a lot of time just immersed in this toy and figuring out the various shapes I could do with it. I’m still quite a beginner actually and the heart is one of the few shapes I could do with this Rubik’s Snake. Thank you P! ♥ I’ll probably do a separate post on my puzzle ventures next time 🙂

♠ A lovely wrapped gift from my friend R with equally lovely presents inside: Nendoroid Petite figures of my favorite girl Rin Tohsaka and Sakura Matou from the Fate/Stay Night series. This late Christmas gift gave a wonderful added cheer for my New Year definitely so thank you so much awesome bro R!

♠ An unexpected favorite~  I’ve been drinking plenty of this particular Japanese green tea and it’s so good. This year I promised to improve my health conscious behavior and decided it’s time I put an effort to consuming anti oxidants for its many benefits of course. This is actually a gift for my aunt from my relatives abroad so I’m not sure if this is available here, but I’m really glad they shared it with me. I make myself a cup every night before I go to sleep and it certainly helps me with my stress at the end of the day and I wake up the next day feeling more refreshed than usual and I’m not sure if it’s also the effect of drinking this, but it helped me with some of my digestive concerns. Yay for green tea!

♠ American Horror Story: Asylum’s last episode “The Name Game”. Was anyone caught off with this episode as much as I was? Easily my favourite episode of the series since “Dark Cousin” and just when I was thinking it’s getting a bit boring and dragging with all the scheming and plotting, the series jumps right back with this genius of an episode. The writers were probably thinking “okay, we’ve tortured these people too much and now it’s time for a party” and then boom! I can’t even grasp how this certain dance sequence in the episode would become so effective in the series and totally infectious! It’s officially become my last song syndrome and Jessica Lange is pure gold in this! I also find Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters absolutely delightful in this and everything just works in this episode and I’m not just talking about the dance sequence. But seriously though, I think they handled the theme of the horror of losing a voice pretty well in this. This whole episode had pretty interesting results for the characters we all love and hate. If you haven’t seen the more recent episodes of AHS:A, you have to see it!

“I think he (Evan Peters) really had a good time. He’s a wonderful dancer, isn’t he? And he had that whole thing down, that naughty boy thing he was doing.” – Jessica Lange on “The Name Game” sequence.

♠ A pretty interesting list of The Worst Words of 2012 and I quote one: “People using INBOX as a verb. (to email someone) Best articulated by a tweet I woke up to one morning (can’t remember the source): “If you tell me to Inbox you, I will Emergency Room your face.”

♠ The 10 Most Beautiful School Libraries. Take note: school libraries and these are dream-worthy.

♠ A fantastic way to hit off my 2013 music with a new single released by one of my favourite Jrock bands ONE OK ROCK. The song “Deeper Deeper” is incredible!  I was awake late last night listening to this on repeat with the volume as loud as I could get away with. Loving that breakdown at 2:50 and this sound is my current (as Brittany Snow put it in Pitch Perfect) “lady jam”.


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