Hello 2013 + 30th

My wonderful partner-in-crime & I on Christmas Eve wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

At long last I get to write again!

I do not wish to change a thing in 2012, otherwise I would be a completely different person. What I have learned is that life is not going to stop just because our world has come to a complete halt. I am thankful the most for the way I’ve changed, cause we got bigger even bigger than we thought I could be. Even if I can’t see the people who changed me, I give them my thanks because I grew so much and I could never done it without all of them. I am sure that in 2013 we will endure pain and fear. We cannot run from that human emotion. But I am also more than positive that 2013 brings great moments and experiences for us all! More adventures to us all in 2013 everybody ♥

I know setting up goals at the beginning of the year are hard to keep up with but it doesn’t mean we don’t have to try! My goals for this year:

There’s a lot more actually but I don’t want “generic” goals and I’d much rather focus on these little things that are more specific for me. And “being a better girlfriend, friend, daughter/family member” can be a bit vague but I would really like to emphasize that examining my demands on others, manifesting my loyalty in words and deeds as well as giving more encouragement goes with this goal.

And to my lovely boy, my partner-in-crime, I love you. You are so loved and I don’t have the words to express how much I truly treasure the time we’ve spent together. Life isn’t the easiest and sweetest thing, but I’m glad I ran into you. I feel like we’re still kids and we have an infinite amount of time together in the future. Until then, I’d love to go to new, beautiful places with you, I’d love to wake up with you, I’d love to take my meals with you, I’d love to go to bed with you, I’d love to pass time with you, I’d love to get to know you more. I’d love to to just be with you, anywhere.

And I swear, this year if I finally learn how to drive, I’d kidnap you and let’s have a midnight snack at McDonald’s, ask how all the cotton and fuzz in the world are doing, extend our weirdness factor, and go play in the swings in High Street and live and let live. I would love the hell out of you.


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