Another Comeback Entry

AN ENTRY FINALLY! It’s actually a real update because apparently I haven’t had a WordPress life and it’s almost been a month.

What’s been keeping away from blogging and updating my other internet account is because I’ve been accepted in a Medical Transcription company and I’m currently undergoing a very rigorous training. Hopefully, my performance in the training so far is satisfactory and will definitely merit in the near future if I do get absorbed by the company. The whole thing is a mix of actual work and training with the Medical Transcription theories plus laboratory exercises from 8 p.m. until 5 a.m. At first I was really hesitant about working during this shift but turns out it was alright and I ended up adjusting to the idea of starting and finishing work in the dark. Meeting new people is great too and it makes the dreary workplace less lonely and boring. So far I haven’t made a major stumble in a social situation there… unless you count the time I accidentally hit a switch under my table and all the computers the other trainees (while transcribing) were using shut off suddenly and it took a while for the IT guys to fix it. Whoopsies~

What I like best about the night shift is walking in the early cold misty mornings lately now that it’s almost December and mornings lately have been so cold and so beautiful. It feels like everything is shrouded with morning dew. Little happy thoughts to officially start my day 🙂

As a student and as icky as it sounds, I actually love doing health care documentation and reports, especially the nursing history for our case presentations in the hospitals I’ve been to. Medical transcription is a good opportunity for an alternative career in healthcare and yes, I can’t lie that it can be dreary and tedious and I’m still working on how to make things more exciting for me n the training. The training surprisingly gives a good reflection and evaluation on your basic know how in English and medical related stuff. My comprehension skills mixing both my foundations for English grammar and medical knowledge has been put the test since my first day and the results are actually quite accurate. Need to work on a LOT of my grammar misses!

Times like this made me realize again you really don’t need to like everything; you just need to comprehend it. It’s all about a good mix of theories and how you just want to work, do what you want, and using your intuition. That’s necessary but if you’re not really trained with your weapons, you’ll never be a master. I swear I learned this after receiving the results and encountering tricky exam questions on English grammar. You can’t just say “pwede na ito” just like that especially with this business. The de rigueur of Medical Transcription will drive you crazy at some point. The MT Book of Style has become the bane of the existence at this point.

What I miss actually is the daily routine I’ve developed with my flexible schedule as I neighborhood nurse. Obviously I could have a “day off” anytime plus internet access 24/7 and spending time with P and the rest of my friends. However, this new routine I have doesn’t scare me a bit and the idea of getting a proper day job eventually excites me. This semi-work, semi-training thing I’m currently involved in is giving a good perspective on a full-time work prospect in the not-so-far future.

Cheers to another productive week for me! 🙂


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