The Island of Misfit Toys

♠ 2 weeks ago, our good friend Nicole surprised us with a sudden visit from the U.S and we were all terribly confused but so e static that she’s here with us again. At the same time, we all gathered together to celebrate Justine’s birthday and had a great early dinner together while we tried to catch up with what’s been happening at our lives apart. Favorite day in a long while for sure.

♠ Nicole sent us letters when she was still the U.S and along with them came a list of things we should do during her stay here. Nothing hard and nothing TOO crazy (just yet) but little things go a long way and make for good memories and future conversations.

♠ My boyfriend and I reprise our roles as the Mammoth Ranger and Tiger Ranger respectively last September 29 in CosMania 2012. P’s closest friends Brian and Mikhail accompanied us and it was their first time attending a convention like that. We really appreciated the full support they’ve shown us even if their interests are quite different from ours, if was great to know how friendship is simply beyond mutual interests and such. We all had a good time despite our brief stay in the con. It felt wonderful to wear the suits again, honestly :3

♠ P, J, N and N’s boyfriend Mr. L and I recently watched the much anticipated The Perks of Being A Wallflower movie adaptation and we loved it! The title of this post actually comes from a particular scene in the movie, which is not in the book.  The movie was emotionally-driven and quite heartfelt actually and although the characters are not how I imagined they would look like when I read the book, the cast definitely delivered and didn’t disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed it and left any judgmental notions I might’ve had before watching the movie. It’s not a perfect movie and I would’ve liked to see some things in the book to be highlighted a bit more BUT the loved the feeling I got watching Charlie, Patrick and Sam. There was something so genuine in the way the three actors explored the friendship that revolved around those 3 characters. Ugh, I have so much praise for Logan Lerman, Ezra Miller and Emma Watson! Also there’s an incredible feeling of nostalgia in the film, which makes you look back and realize the things you might’ve forgotten while growing up. The beauty of the movie was really between these three people and how friends can save you. I highly recommend that you go see it as soon as it’s released in your place.

♠ As much as it’s tedious and boring, sorting job applications has been keeping me busy. I already went to a Medical Transcription company last Monday and took their long qualifying exam and I’m HOPING I get an interview next week. They’re still sorting out the results from the applicants and I hope to start soon IF I get accepted. Honestly, I really cannot stand how difficult it is to find a job these days in the healthcare field where you don’t have to pay or you can compensated well enough for you services.

I’m hoping I get it. In the meantime, my friends and I are incredibly lovely people and I wish I could be with them every day and we’ll be psychos together. Ugh, the tedium of my life.

♠ A bit of wisdom I’ve stumbled upon. I need to make this my desktop’s wallpaper from now on:

Most good things happen without a plan: friendships, falling in love, finding a job, and so on. If you want to make your new year count, you’ll need to be intentional — not by setting goals, but by making space in your life for what really matters.”

The best year of your life is within reach — if you are willing to give up on the craziness of plans and instead focus on creating new habits. The first step is to begin.

Source: How to Have the Best Year of Your Life (without Setting a Single Goal).


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