S.H Figuarts Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger

Itasa wa Tsuyosa! (Pain is Power!)

Could we just have a moment to appreciate the latest S.H Figuarts Akibarangers haul my boyfriend bought? As both fans of the unofficial sentai series, we both had that understanding that his toy collection would definitely not be complete without the wonderfully made pure action figure representation of the Akibarangers team. You really have to give it to Bandai for producing consistent and excellent quality figures through the S.H Figuarts toy line, putting emphasis fine sculpting and articulation without the expense of aesthetic quality. P hasn’t unboxed them yet since he’s still currently taking photos of his much latest Kotobukiya Bishoujo hauls, but I’ll definitely post some pictures soon. It will definitely be fun to pose these three for sure after all the whacked antics they did throughout the show (I miss it!). If you’re a fan of the series, I suggest you grab one now because it’s really worth the money. There’s lots of happy vibes for sure coming from the cute rainbow spastic colored box the figures come with.


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