If I Ever Feel Better

Excuse me for the lack of updates guys! Been feeling pretty wrung out and under the weather the past couple of days actually, other than being sick. It’s really disorienting when you ricochet in between states of complete, groggy abandon to illness (and laziness) to the sudden hyper-conscious state of “I still have to do this, I forgot to do that” etc. For now, I’m recuperating and I’ll share some snapshots I took while I was sick.  Phoenix‘s “If I Ever Fell Better” is on repeat and pretty much contributes to my lucid state right now. It’s past midnight here on my side of the world and I sincerely hope you had a lovely day yesterday and today. If I ever feel better. Remind me to spend some good time with you. You can give me your number. When it’s all over I’ll let you know

Finished Mockingjay when I confined myself to bed rest and it was such an engrossing read. Have to say the last book is quite riveting and the series definitely deserves all the hype it gets. ♠ New favorite! Can’t get enough of the fresh, powdery scent and there’s no heavy residue at all. ♠ phone charm 1: my favorite Gokaiger, Gokai Green by Chara Fortune ♠ phone charm 2: one of my favorite Shinkegers, Shinken Gold by Bandai.

Honey + Calamansi. Been drinking this since I got sick and it’s good whether it’s warm or ice cold. I’ll try ginger tea with honey next time. ♠ Happy food stickers to make me happy LOL.

I believe I haven’t posted a recent photo of my humble Minimates collection? Here they are occupying a space in one of my bookshelves while Loki stands by to guard them.

I promise to add more to the collection soon! For now I just love posing them everywhere. They’re pretty handy and despite the small size, each figure’s details are amazing ♥

Can I just take a minute to appreciate Daniel and Armand (one of my favorite pairings)? I’m re-reading the Vampire Chronicles and so far, I made it to the Queen of the Damned which is one of my favorite books in the series. This particular scene always makes me laugh my head off.

How are you feeling lately? If you’re feeling a bit under the weather, what do you do?


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