Love List: The Little Things


♠ Finally, I’ve managed to finish BBC’s Sherlock and the experience was beyond satisfying! I doubt I could give it an objective review for now because I found myself unexpectedly emotionally invested in the show especially the characters. I thoroughly enjoyed the second season of the series;  it definitely matches the quality of the first season and overall it truly didn’t disappoint me. I was practically bawling at the last episode and I have to admit my emotions got ahead of me but what an ending with The Reichenbach Fall! I felt that this modernization of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes allowed me to see and appreciate the stories the way I would have read them: cutting-edge and exciting contemporary stories and not simply as mere “classics”. This present-day Sherlock definitely has a future and now the horrible period of waiting for season 3 officially starts for me.

♠ Train rides with my Boy. He’s wonderful and makes commuting trips seem relatively short and easier. Although we do get by with a car, it’s not so easy here in Manila where there’s still a horrendous lack of urban planning which results to heavy traffic every now and then that takes a toll on our gas consumption. We ride the MRT from time to time and as much as unpleasant the experience maybe (crowded, the heat) we’ve gotten used to it and it’s so much nicer when you have an awesome companion with you. We could just talk and talk and be silly until fellow passengers give us strange looks.

♠ You can never go wrong with a great, heavy meal of shawarma rice done right. Thank you for the treat Spong!

♠ One of the happiest feelings for me is when I get a chance to read a new book and it gives you a tremendous feeling after and you wonder if there’s any way to soak up a great piece of literature like the ones you just read. Experiencing it with this three books is exactly that feeling. I’ll probably give a mini book review about these three eventually, so watch out for it.

♠ The Avengers official gag reel and I was lucky to have seen it while it floated around the interwebs for a brief period of time before Disney took it down. I’ve loved the cast as whole since the movie’s release and seeing them interact in the interviews and press tours. Seeing that gag reel made me love them more! Ah, they have a nice little family thing going on there and Tom Hiddleston just… afgsweryega!

♠ Speaking of the Avengers, check out these shirts made by the winners of the Marvel Villains Design Contest by I’d love to own all of these! Tom Hiddleston even participated in the judging of the designs and the winner who made the God of Mischief shirt sure does it right!

♠ Playing Guitar Hero with my Boy on his  PS3 console. I have no musical talents whatsoever and I have bad coordination with the fingers on my left hand, but whenever I manage to finish a song even on the ‘Easy’ level, it feels really, really awesome.

♠ Reading shoujo manga in ungodly hours because you just can’t stop! I’ve just finished Faster Than A Kiss (I need my dose of fluff) and I’m just waiting for the next release of Love So Life and Suki tte Ii Na Yo.

Ciaran Hinds as Mance Rayder, the King Beyond the Wall, for the upcoming Season 3 of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Ah, I’m excited! I loved him as Caesar in HBO’s Rome (he was spectacular there, another series I recommend as well) and he’s definitely a great choice! Although I did picture a much younger actor playing the role of Mance, I think Ciaran can pull off that charismatic swag Mance has. I’m pleased with this casting choice. Now I’m just waiting for them who will they cast as the hottest character Oberyn Martell.

What are you loving lately?


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