The Week That Was

Busy week so far! Nothing majorly stressful; it’s just that I haven’t had the chance to stay at home and curl up since I’m almost always out of the house. One day I’ll be at this place and the next day, I’ll be at another place and the same goes for the next day and the next… Whew! But the past week has been good to me and for now, I plan on taking things slow for a bit. It’s my quiet time now. I wish I had the eloquence to spin a story about everything that’s been happening to me, but I’m afraid that I’m only capable of blurting out bullets for now.

“12th” Birthday according to P.

♠ Last Wednesday, my boyfriend P celebrated his 21st birthday—good times. Photo (above) of my gifts for him! I’m glad I surprised him a toy as a gift: Mr. Potato Head x Star Wars: Darth Tater! I’m glad he enjoyed his very own “Spud Lord of the Sith”. It is after all a conglomeration of two classic childhood memories of ours: Toy Story and Star Wars and Darth Tater looks incredibly adorable and funny looking. We had a bit of a laugh with it since he looks so silly! Some Krispy Kreme assorted doughnuts as ‘mini birthday cakes’ (a bit of heaven each flavor) and a birthday card with some Marvel characters, although it kinda looked liked a bit morbid because I ended up drawing only their “heads” skewered on a stick and placed on his birthday cake.  Weird shit but he loved it and I’m happy!

♠ Another doodle for P as a ‘virtual birthday card’ I posted on Facebook since he’s a HUGE fan of Nolan’s Batman trilogy (which I also love). I had Gotham’s best celebrate with him on his birthday somehow. I’m crazy about this one and so was he. I’m not sure if it was Scarecrow, Bane or the Joker who crashed the party or was it Batman? Haha.

♠ We got some down time with his family and a pig out session when we headed for Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu and Barbecue Restaurant for dinner. Great experience actually and there’s plenty of food to go around, literally. Unfortunately I can’t provide any pictures yet since P was the only one who had a camera that time. My love for food just got the best of me and I went crazy for the seafood (buttered grilled dori, tuna, salmon, etc.) especially the sushi! P and his family thought rice would slow me down but what the heck, I will always have plenty of space in my tummy (I am notoriously called “The Void”/ “Blackhole” by my friends when it comes to food).  The fan favorite was the lamb kebab—heavenly! We hoarded the lamb kebab, some bacon, mushrooms, veggies, corn and grilled them like there was no tomorrow. HAHA! I wasn’t able to try the sinigang soup even though P’s family ordered for it. Overall, we were satisfied with Tong Yang. But it’s our first time in a shabu shabu place and I’m sure there are far better buffet and shabu-shabu places for a more satisfying dining experience. So, has anyone tried dining at Tong Yang and were you satisfied? Any other place you guys could recommend? I’d love to hear from you!

♠ In between, it was a flurry of making resumes and looking for employment opportunities, going to church to prepare for the Sunday youth program assigned to my group, practicing, and house chores since my mom got a job where she was required to work every day of the week. I’m in charge of the house and my younger brothers and CHORES (cooking, cleaning, making sure my brothers are home by their curfew)! The only thing I dread is doing the laundry. Thank goodness I have my cousin to help out with that.

♠ P was able to experience my H.S buddy, A’s household for the first time. That place is part of my teenage years since A always hosted sleepovers for our group of friends in high school. We didn’t have a sleepover then but spent the rest of the day relaxing and playing games. Their household is actually nutty and loveable, and her room looked liked a computer with her brothers and cousin playing DOTA the whole time while we bonded over A’s laptop. Played Guitar Hero, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 then some Mass Effect 3. All this with some gooey cupcakes made my A’s brother and amazing lasagna. We had a fantastic time!

♠ Went out with P again and this time we were with J, since it was a holiday yesterday and J was relieved of his rigorous hospital training. Sharing stories over good food is always a wonderful communing experience for the three of us. Let me just say that you can never go wrong with Greenwich’s pizza and P treated J and I dinner. I love the thin crust and it has the right amount of flavor without being too rich, fresh from the oven. And it’s affordable too!

♠ Current reads: His Majesty’s Dragon (Temeraire) by Naomi Novik and Birthday by Koji Suzuki (prequel for Ring). I’m particularly interested about Temeraire. If you’ve read it, I’d love to know what are your thoughts about it.

♠ N we finally got your letter! Thank you! I’m in the process of writing a reply for you.

How was last week so far for you? Did you have a wonderful weekend as well? I’d love to hear about it!



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5 responses to “The Week That Was

  1. N

    I love Tong Yang Just have to time it correctly. Hmm…

  2. N

    Oh oh! Yakimix at Greenbelt/Trinoma or Podium I think 😀

    • Yes, we’ll try that 🙂 Go to Pao’s page sa FB! We met the little fuzzball Cat the Dog. We have a photo of Cat hee~ Actually Pao has several ones! He’s too kyot :3 How you’ve been lately? 😀

      • N

        Hallooo! Aww, Cat the Dog. Sana she never grows! I heard shes the favorite. Even ate yang loves her. hahahah! I Saw the GIF and yung picture niyo with her. I’ve been good naman. Doing okay. Going through separation anxiety from cocojan kakauwi ko lang kasi galing sakanila. School started. Trying to fix my sched para I can review rin for the NCLEX. How about you? 😀

      • Hello there 🙂 Sobrang kyot niya, everytime she walks nag bo-bop yung behind niya and she’s well behaved and friendly sa strangers. Jerich couldn’t stop kissing her haha! Glad to hear you’re doing alright. New school year! The only fun thing about school starting is school supplies shopping haha! Aww that’s alright. Mukha naman you did have a fulfilling break with Cocojan. I understand that feeling too but did you have little adventures na pang baon for habang balik kayo sa normal routine niyo? I’m doing fine, it’s just tough to find a job na gusto ko! Well, hindi din naman ako nagiging sobrang mapili but at least something na maeenjoy ko. Hopefully di tough ang schoolyear na ito sa iyo but I know kaya mo yan 😀

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