Happy 21st Spong ♥

Happy Birthday Spong! Can’t believe it’s been a year since I wrote this little thing. I love you! I love you too much and God knows I’m having a tough time composing an appropriate birthday message for you on the day we’re celebrating your existence in the world. My feelings and the content of that entry hasn’t changed a bit even after a year passed and here I am again, finding just the right words.

Let me just say I’m incredibly proud of him. A lot has happened since his birthday last year and it’s hasn’t been so easy for the both of us. We still feel like casualties of Life and still on the verge of figuring it all out but he’s the strongest he’s ever been and he’s sharing that strength with me. P’s my BUDDEH, my inappropriately funny partner-in-crime, the wicked guy who loves me. Let me celebrate the existence of the guy who added a bit of magic in my life (aside from the incredible magic tricks he has up his sleeve), someone who acknowledges my accomplishments and strengths but is there to help me when my weakness gets the best of me.

I’m still open for what the future holds for us and I want to see more of you, the best and even the worst you can be– the whole of you.  Be thankful for the years behind and for the times to come, Papple! You’re the best person I’ve ever known. Mahal na mahal kita!

All my love.



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