Love List: New Fandoms

♠ A bit late I know, but I just finished Book 1 of Avatar: The Last Airbender and immediately got hooked! Hello new fandom! Why only now? Sometime ago I just stopped caring for the shows Nickelodeon had before Avatar premiered, at the same time I stopped watching television altogether. Eventually I got wrapped up in so many other fandoms that it just didn’t occur to me to check it out. Just recently, I managed to watch 3 episodes of Avatar: The Legend of Korra and I liked it. My friends who were into the fandom earlier than me advised to watch first the original series first to familiarize myself with canon themes that appear in Korra, which I did and I finished Avatar’s Book 1 in a single day! Pretty great stuff actually and the thrill I feel watching it reminds me of the same thrill I felt when I was a kid watching those good ol’ afternoon cartoons. Even if I’m a tad bit late on the fandom, I consider Avatar to be a feel-good series for me this season. Psyched for Book 2!

♠ BBC’s Sherlock is simply beyond amazing! I don’t know why I’ve been putting off watching the series for so long and now that I’m finished with the first season, I can say without doubt I’m utterly in love with the series. The hit BBC series Sherlock offers a fresh, contemporary take on the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories with young (and brilliant) actor Benedict Cumberbatch cast as the 21st century Sherlock Holmes opposite the wonderful Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson. As far as my experience with story of the iconic Sherlock Holmes goes, I’ve only read one story back in high school (the Hound of the Baskervilles) and been exposed only to Guy Ritchie’s films in terms of visual media. So far we’ve been introduced to Sherlock Holmes within the settings of 19th century England and now, BBC’s series takes Holmes’ story in a modern day setting without compromising the basic  elements and integrity of the story… well, as far as I know. So far my favorite episode from Season 1 is ‘A Study in Pink’; very strong character introductions and the writing was superb!  Bravo BBC! I’m looking forward to watching Season 2, which I’ve heard does not disappoint!

Divergent by Veronica Roth was an interesting young adult novel I’ve finished a few weeks ago when I was looking for something new to read. The book turned out to be a great choice after all and after I made it through the 100 page mark, I was hooked at Tris’ story of survival. Honestly, I love the dystopian genre of literature but I have little exposure with it in the young adult category and The Hunger Games series was the only thing I’ve read in this type so far (I thoroughly enjoyed it). Made a mental note to check out more young adult books under the dystopian genre because there’s really good stuff there.

In Divergent, the story is set in a future Chicago where sixteen-year-old Beatrice Prior must choose among five predetermined factions dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue to define her identity for the rest of her life. It’s a decision made more difficult when she discovers that she is an anomaly who does not fit into a single faction and must choose between staying with her family and being who she really is.

The writing is fast-paced, which is good for a story that’s riveting and edgy as this, against a backdrop of a relentlessly disturbing hypothetical future. Found myself reading the novel intently and was compelled to go on, to find out what happens next and fight my way to a hopeful end for Tris. Highly recommended! Am I the only one here who agrees that Taissa Farmiga is a perfect Tris Prior? Reading the book, I totally had her in mind as Tris! I rarely fan cast but she’s amazing and  I think she can very well handle the demands of the Tris’ character. Have you seen her as Violet in FX’s  American Horror Story? She’s a star there.

What are you loving lately?



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6 responses to “Love List: New Fandoms

  1. journeysinwonderland

    Thanks for the like on my blog btw, liking yours too ;). I liked Avatar as well but the show schedule in the UK was so erratic I could never follow it properly, it’s one I might have to get on DVD at some point so I can watch it uninterrupted. Sherlock is also amazing I was completely in awe of the end of season 2 and I still can’t figure out the ending yet, but Season 3 isn’t gonna air for a while so I might have to console myself with repeats until then.

    In response to your question I’ve just got back into Sentai after a long absence, can’t wait for Kamen Rider Wizard to start as I wasn’t as enamoured with Fourze just because of the somewhat less serious tone it took in early episodes, I’m more a fan of things like Agito and Kuuga which took a lot more of a serious tone.

    I’ve also just rediscovered my love for the Superman Movies, I’m gonna buy the Blu-Ray boxset when I have enough money, the musical score and the direction of the whole thing is fantastic and it holds up so well even though it was made nearly 35 years ago, except for Superman IV but we won’t mention that one :).

    But yer I’ve mostly been rediscovering stuff as opposed to finding stuff that’s new, I always seem to come late to the party on these things. Anyway thanks again for the like 🙂

    • Hey, thanks for dropping by! 🙂 Liked your post on AkibaRangers since you pretty much summed up my thoughts on it. I managed to finish it a few days ago and I’m still thinking whether to do a proper entry about it. I thoroughly enjoyed AkibaRangers and I’m psyched what are their plans for it– whether giving it another season or probably a movie. I’m definitely gonna miss the cast especially Akagi.

      I’m taking my precious time with Sherlock and all I have is praises for it! It’s pretty amazing! I just finished watching episode 1 of season 2 “A Scandal in Belgravia” yesterday and I’m still relishing every moment of it. It was just perfect! Definitely excited how season 2’s going to wrap up because of what you said and a lot of people were going nuts about it.

      Ohh, I’m very curious about Kamen Rider Wizard; hopefully you’ll make a post about it soon. Because of Sherlock and Avatar, it put the Sentai series I’m watching to a halt. Currently I’m watching Gobusters and Kamen Rider W and so far I like what I’m seeing. It’s great to meet a fellow Sentai fan in the blogging community, I think there’s only a few of us out here in WordPress.

      I agree, I’m also usually late to catch up on new things and I’m having a hard time keeping up with my fandoms (been busy with real life stuff). I’ll probably do some rediscovering myself like with the Kamen Rider and Avatar series. Thank you for dropping by and you’re very much welcome for the like! 🙂

      • journeysinwonderland

        Yer Sherlock’s great you’ll have an awesome time watching it, ‘specially if you’re savouring it.

        In terms of Sentai it’s great to meet someone else who’s a fan, it’s hard in the UK because it’s so niche and everyone assumes it’s a kids thing so it’s really fun to talk to someone who has any idea what I’m talking about. I’m thinking that if I like Wizard I’ll do reviews in blocks of 5 episodes because I don’t want to spam my blog with just that for weeks on end, would that be fun?

        I’m in the middle of Gobusters ATM as well as Kuuga and Agito but yer it’s all been on hold because of exams at University but they’re done now so I can watch whatever I like YAY! Would you recommend W? It’s not one I’ve ever considered getting into before

        Also I looked back at your Zyuranger cosplay, that looked incredible you should do it more. Do you go to conventions a lot, and also are you into Doctor Who?

      • Here in the Philippines, I guess there’s a solid community of tokusastu and sentai fans since a lot of sentai were broadcasted in the local TV networks during the early 80s up until mid 90s and I think that’s a factor that sentai became accessible for us. It also helped that the shows then were dubbed in our native language. That’s a good idea making reviews in sets of 5… I’d definitely check it out, so I can at least give my friends feedback about Wizard.

        I would recommend Kamen Rider W for both fans of the Kamen Rider series and tokusatsu newbies. So far, I think it’s a pretty solid series with a good balance of goofy moments and great action sequences. The writing is great actually which gives the series a consistency in its theme. The series has a detective theme, which gives an impression that it has to have that “noir” feel to it but what the series does I guess is they poke fun at the theme without being over the top. Good amount of character development so far and I personally like the concept with the Riders in this one.

        I actually do go to a lot of conventions since high school but during my university days, I didn’t get a chance to frequent them as much as I would like to. Hopefully when I get a chance to go out of the country and go anywhere, I would surely visit local conventions there. With the cosplay, yes I’m entertaining the idea to do more. Probably sentai again, I’m not sure. I know Doctor Who but I never got a chance to watch a single episode although I’m curious about it for quite sometime now. What do you think about it?

      • journeysinwonderland

        Oh my where do I begin…..

        Doctor Who is quite possibly one of the most awesome series ever created, I love it so so so much. It all revolves around a guy called the Doctor Who travels round time and space in his Blue Police Box, called the TARDIS (stands for Time And Relative Dimensions in Space). He fights aliens and monsters and saves the world and all that jazz.

        He travels with companions and it’s been on since the 1960’s if you want to start watching it the best place to start is an episode called ‘The Eleventh Hour’ that aired in 2011. Basically the reason it’s been going so long is because when the actor playing the Doctor leaves the character in the show can regenerate and become somebody else so that episode is the first one of the 11th guy to be in the role who’s name is Matt Smith so it’s a great place to start if you’re new to it. It’s written by the same guy who wrote Sherlock, Steven Moffat. Just try it and I think you’ll like it, it’s very popular in Britian.

        I was thinking about blogging about it soon because I like it so much, they’re just gearing up for the new series which should start in late August/September so I’m probably gonna blog about that too.

        But just trust me I recko you’ll like it based on what I’ve seen from your blog. And I’m always here if you have questions because I’ve seen th majority of episodes since the 60’s on DVD and everything that’s aired since 2005 when they rebooted it.

      • Didn’t know Dr. Who has been around that long and it sounds like my kind of thing. Thanks, I’ll be sure to check it out very soon! 🙂

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