Monsoon Aftermath

We’ve been having extremely bad weather here in Manila the past few days and I’m glad the weather’s cleared up! It’s been continuously raining really hard and a lot of places are flooded up to the waist or the shoulders. I’m just extremely thankful that even though our house is near the river, we didn’t experience any flooding or whatsoever and that we’re safe. Although it’s a bit hard to get around because the areas surrounding our neighborhood are flooded especially downtown and most of the main roads are closed. We’ve been rationing our food and drinking water to alleviate hunger since we can’t reach the main market downtown without wading in waist-deep flood.  No blackouts so far and we finally have a decent internet connection, thank goodness! Hopefully, we can buy a gas tank for our stove today since we’ve been cooking our food over charcoal for three days which is okay  since it still gets the food done.  Still hoping for a much better weather tomorrow!

It just grieves me that some people make use of the current crisis to just to get attention and people actually spent their energy hating on people like that. You’re certainly not doing anyone favors if everyone keeps participating in this cycle of attention seeking and online bashing. Just ignore it, just sayin’.

To all those who are out there helping out in this dire situation Manila is experiencing because of the storm, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Very humbled by everyone’s drive to help each other out! During this recovery phase everyone’s experiencing, please keep Manila in your prayers, however way you choose to pray!

 We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.
~Martin Luther King, Jr.


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