Love List: Books, A Minion, Gokaigers, etc.

♠ Cutest bed buddies ever! Meet Larrie, the Minion and Nu-noo, the noodle obsessed chick. Both are from P, of course ♥

♠ My current reads. Finished Koji Suzuki‘s  Ring and I found it quite interesting. It’s the first of the series of novels that inspired Hideo Nakata’s hugely popular cinematic adaptations. There were stark differences between the novel and the film and after reading the novel, I found liking both mediums for their different perspective and approach of Sadako’s story. While the film focused on the more in-your-face supernatural aspect, the novel focused on a  detective-like inquiry to unfold the mystery of the killings and Sadako’s curse. Overall it was still an intense and thrilling read for me, despite some parts which tend to be a bit tedious. And despite the lack of gore-y, bloody details, I enjoyed the fact that the book was very creepy enough to satiate the horror fan in me.

♠ From the American Heart Association. Just because.

♠ A ‘Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself‘ one with Larrie. He’s our new kid and P gave him to me for our 2nd year anniversary.

♠ I made my mom a chicken who just came from the market with some leeks. Completely random and everyone who knows my mom has seen it and found it completely hilarious.

Click on image to zoom.

♠ My boyfriend P finally completed the whole S.H. Figuarts Gokaiger line by Bandai and here’s the photo he took of them together. We’re completely happy that he finally has all six members of the Gokaiger team in probably one of the most superb forms they could ever take as action figures. You could never go wrong with the fan favorite S.H Figuarts toy line. P’s one proud daddy of these babies for sure.

Foster the People‘s album “Torches” has been playing constantly in my mp3 player and they’re just fabulous and incredibly fun to listen to. The whole  album practically gives you the kind of indie-pop that espouses the idea that ‘fun’ is both sensual and social. And they write brilliant lyrics! The song “Pumped Up Kicks”, although great, suffered being overplayed in the radio and the album offers so much more than a summer tune that song gives. Here’s one of my favorites and a constant shower song of mine.

Learning By Looking: A Chart of All of Batman’s Villains by Geekologie. Quite an interesting chart of all the villains Batman encountered and I mean, that’s a LOT of Evil right there. And you’d think that one of these guys would take our Dark Knight down somehow. No wonder he never gets a day off and is absolutely sore about it. More importantly, it amuses me so much that Batman actually battled with Son of Pyg, The Flower Gang, The Human Magnet, Hellgammite and Slippery Jim Elgin. Just another day of keeping Gotham safe.

10 Greatest YA Series of All Time by Flavorwire. Although their list seems to be missing some classic choices (Harry Potter series, Narnia chronicles, Hardy Boys), I love that they put up Pullman’s Dark Materials series and Artemis Fowl since I have so much love for those books! I’m interested in checking out The Time Quintet and Ender’s Game for my YA reading 🙂

The LOTR Timeline Project. This is fantastic and it even has a page for the family tree! I’m exceptionally geeked out by this and any fan of J.R.R Tolkien’s universe should check this out.


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