Finally… The Dark Knight Rises!

Photo courtesy of my boyfriend.

My boyfriend and I along with our two friends finally got to watch Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises yesterday! We managed to reserve tickets a week before and made sure we had the best seats in the house. Honestly, I don’t think I’m ready to put down my thoughts coherently and objectively about the movie. I managed to throw some of my feelings at Twitter about the movie because if I don’t say it, I’ll probably just explode.

And for now, all I can say is: WELL PLAYED NOLAN, WELL PLAYED!  You guys have to watch it! The film was definitely an overwhelming experience and I ended up crying most of the time, halfway through the movie. After the credits, I literally felt like Nolan ripped off my insides and haphazardly throw it back in. It was unbelievable and it’s probably, by far, the most rewarding experience I’ve had with a film this year.

(No spoilers, I promise. You can read on beyond this cut.)

I wouldn’t call The Dark Knight Rises a SUPERHERO film and the movie clearly showed it was way beyond that genre. It’s phenomenal account of the human condition and I can say with all confidence that Nolan, the crew and of course the actors’ skills brings hope to film to be taken seriously as an art form. I literally felt drained of all emotion afterwards in the best and worst possible way.

There’s that feeling that’s similar when you’re done reading a good book and you’re happy it’s over but at the same time there’s a hollow sadness in your chest because you know there’s nothing else you can read involving the characters and you can only imagine what happens to them after? Gods know, I felt it, P felt it and our two friends as well (more so with P since he’s been a fan of the films the longest among us and he did cry).

For those who haven’t seen it, WATCH IT. I cannot stress this enough!

As much as I would love to also share my speculations regarding the fate of the characters and what probably happens afterwards… For now I could only express myself through reliable .gifs about what I felt yesterday and now.


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