Back Track: June 19 2012 – Birthday

Definitely an overdue post! It’s been a month since I celebrated my birthday and I never had a chance to blog about it then since my PC was having problems. Although it’s been a month I still feel quite happy about the celebration. It was a simple celebration with lots of good food (it’s a MUST of course) with my loved ones. Plus the Toy Con felt like a pre-celebration of it and I just had a blast with that one. I couldn’t really ask for more.

spongklong” our term of endearment for one another. There’s no equivalent word for this in any language since we invented it ourselves. We have a bad case of neologism. I love this boy so much!

Yummy lasagna, my favorite word in the entire universe, from P’s family.

Spong’s gifts for me which he delivered midnight on my birthday ♥ Not pictured: my Yellow RangerZyuranger/MMPR costume. He’s just amazing and incredibly sweet!

Some of my friends’ gifts for me ♥ Thank you guys so much!

I’m just thankful I had an absolutely wonderful time to enjoy my birthday like this. And I’m absolutely thankful for the year that has gone by! And for this year, I’m pretty sure “I go to seek a Great Perhaps”!


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