Hello March!: Summer Tunes I

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Excuse me for not updating. Honestly it’s been a mixture of “busy days” and “lazy days”. Philippine summer is knocking on this month’s door and everyone’s been feeling the scorching heat wave. I feel like it’s going to be the hottest one we’ve had and the city’s practically burning and the more sensitive residents have headaches, nausea and allergies. Yesterday, Papples experienced some form of heat stress and was left to suck on ice cubes in an air conditioned room at the end of the day. But somehow this heat doesn’t really curve the excitement I’m feeling for the season. My family and I are going to Cebu at the last few weeks of the month to visit some relatives from my mother’s side. I heard they arranged an island trip and I’m definitely psyched since it’s been years since I last spent my summer away from Manila.

On good note is that I’m officially a registered nurse and my license is going to arrive by May. Until then, I have enough time to look for a job and finally be employed so I could earn money to support all those expensive trainings I need to accomplish before working in a hospital.

R’s Summer Playlist I

Feel free to get some inspiration and good vibes from my favorite sun-season songs that I’ve been listening to a lot lately. The radio stations have been redundant lately and goodness, I’ve had enough of those pop anthems and hit-centered music they’ve been playing over and over! So here’s something different with a bit of indie thrown in.The best thing about all of these is that they all have a certain gleefulness that filters into not only your ears but through your entire system as soon as the first few notes escape from the speakers (or headphones). Your limbs go loose and your hair cascades and eventually your summer self takes a long, lung expanding breath as you listen what these songs belt out. Summer music reminds us of the long days we’re going to have and with less concern to the other mundane days we’ve had. My personal favorite is “Rock It” by Little Red and this whole playlist is how I want my summer to sound like.


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