Perk Me Up

R’s Perk Me Up Playlist 001

I’m not one of those people who you could call a “morning person” and an “anti-morning person”. I’m a little bit caught in between; there are some really good mornings that I found myself waking up on the right side of the bed, ready to take on anything. And there are some days are just really terrible and I’m questioning how I’m going to get through the day. Believe me, it’s a vicious cycle and it was not easy especially last year when I was a college senior.

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But whether you wake up sluggish, thinking every morning is unmotivating or you wake up with a thankful mood and have a good feeling about the rest of the day (even if those days are rare), it makes a difference to listen to something awesome in the morning. Coffee just doesn’t do it for me. I need something flooding my ears and it just shuts everything out to get me in that steady, feel good mood. Best thing to feel in the morning and awesome tuneage just helps a lot and just boosts everything up.

I’m not saying I have the best taste in music but I just LOVE every track in this playlist. It’s not my permanent Morning Playlist however these tracks have been on constant repeat every morning when I’m on the computer (I have a bad habit if getting my computer fix immediately before breakfast) lately. And it’s in Japanese. Japanese is the language I’m still learning and I have to admit I don’t understand every bit of Japanese in the lyrics but personally I have to say I’ve improved 🙂 And besides, these songs in particular sound amazing! I simply cannot resist unique musical arrangements.

These bands are my personal favorites by the way and I highly recommend them especially to J-music enthusiasts. They’re all fantastic!

It kind of tells a story. Just listen and don’t overthink. Sometimes it’s the beat, sometimes it’s the words. No matter what, music is the key to creating positive emotions.

Happy mornings are awesome.


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