Kotobukiya Bishoujo Review: Marvel’s Rogue

Note: I was not paid nor sponsored to do this toy review. This is completely out of appreciation of the figure. Also you may click on the images for a high quality view of  the figure. Thank you!

Credits: Photography courtesy of my boyfriend, P.

This would be the second toy review I’ll be doing featuring statues from the famous Kotobukiya Bishoujo Collection. The last review I did was for DC’s Wonder Woman which can be found here and this time I’ll be featuring one of Marvel’s famous mutant femme fatales: Rogue from the X-Men.

Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo Rogue was the first Bishoujo statue that my boyfriend bought and the figure which I think made him enamored of the toy line and made him fear for his wallet. It’s definitely something new and pleasing to the eye and anime-styled superheroines were definitely something he and I could get into.

We have to note that Rogue was the first ever Kotobukiya Bishoujo to be released and this was back in 2010. But I have to say, Kotobukiya has come a long way since then and the sculpting designs for these statues have definitely evolved. Still, the Bishoujo Rogue is a fantastic first for the line and it definitely captured many fans’ hearts since its release.

Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo Rogue looks looks vibrant and eye-catching and she’s placed in a bold pose which emphasizes her beautifully sculpted bishoujo body thanks to Koei Matsumoto‘s sculpting skills. She’s wearing her classic Jim Lee styled which emphasizes the fantastic sculpt of her body which is beyond sexy. The look of the Bishoujo Rogue is based from the rendition of the famous illustrator Shunya Yamashita and if you aren’t familiar with his works, he’s known for adding a very pin-up and sensual anime twist to his characters. This is obvously evident in the Bishoujo Rogue.

I have to say that I love the sculpt and you could see a keen attention to detail was definitely put into it once you see creases and folds of the fabric of her suit, boots and gloves.  I’m a big fan of the flowing hair and her short leather jacket (I saw a variant which features her in a longer leather jacket but I found myself liking the shorter jacket) and I think it adds an edgier touch to her feminine and voluptuous features.

The over all paint job is fantastic as well. The use of the classic X-Men bold and bright colors was a big hit to me. The coloring throughout the her suit was carefully put on and very uniform. The PVC plastic works well with the paint too and the natural sheen of the plastic comes out which definitely attracts light in the right places of the statue. For a first Bishoujo release, I have to comment that her face in particular was painted very well. No signs of bleeding at all and I think this is one of the things that made the figure and the toy line capture the attention of many fans.

My only issue though with the figure is Rogue’s expression as well as the base she’s standing on. The minimalistic base I thought was too simple. It looked a bit flimsy and forgettable if you’re looking at the figure as whole. They could’ve done something else to it and I rather found it too plain for my liking and it doesn’t do anything to the overall impact of the statue itself.

Rogue’s face is simple and I definitely commend the paint job. I like it but not exactly raving about it. And for some reason I think they could’ve done more with her expression. It may be just me but I think it’s a pose-y kind of expression and a bit vacant. I wish the face could’ve shown a bit more of Rogue’s personality as a tough cookie and her complex persona as Anna Marie.

Unlike the Wonder Woman Bishoujo which stands about 9 inches, Bishoujo  Rogue is smaller and stands approximately  7 3/5 inches high including the base. It’s not really much of an issue for both P and me since the details of the figure are still fantastic and still high quality.

Overall, I still think Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo Rogue is still a great buy and definitely worth your money despite a few issues for me. For a first in the Bishoujo line of figures, she’s definitely a laudable first release and the quality of the figure doesn’t suffer at all! One thing I’m happy about is that Kotobukiya decided to take the direction of the overall look of their Bishoujo statues to their more original looks instead of completely giving them a very anime makeover. Rogue is a good figure to start your collection with so I suggest you avail one if you’re interested 🙂  She was released in 2010 and I believe there are still stocks of her available in the market.


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