I Passed!

It was a lazy Thursday yesterday and a cloudy, vague late afternoon outside with a dull weather. I just turned off the computer then SS called. I thought he was going to ask something about our plans for today and I answer and he was asking “Have you heard?” in a flat voice. I absolutely had no idea what he was talking about. I initially thought it was the Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour coming to the Philippines or Muse coming. “Uh… No? What?” And then he said: “Congratulations! RN ka na! (Congratulations! You’re an RN already!)”.

Camera zooms in. Focus on the eye and the trembling mouth. Pans out a bit and sees a backside view of my hunched figure holding a mobile phone against my ear. Every noise dies down and then all at once the silence is broken because of my own voice “NO SHIT“. Eventually I sounded too crazy and nearly killed myself by falling down our treacherous stairs but there’s no other way to accurately describe how I looked except with gifs.

I thank the Force, the Lord, the Higher Ups, the Powers That Are. During the exams, it was definitely hard to not get your confidence level to not fluctuate and to prevent yourself from overthinking about the possibilities after the whole affair is over. I have a strong belief there’s a Higher Power at work here and it’s telling me something. I’ve had a lot of doubts about myself and constantly wrestling with my self worth but this is just something I am extremely proud of. Thank you!

The whole review process feels like I’ve been to hell and back but without my mother I wouldn’t have made it. Her unwavering support and love and understanding even if I bitch at her because of the stress and the anxiety, goodness, I can’t even begin how I’m thankful for her. All of my sacrifices and this success are for her! For all the heartaches she received in the previous years, this at least could make her really happy. And she was and could not stop saying to everyone “Take one lang! Take one lang!”. She told me later it was really a testimony that her hard work as a parent and provider paid off immensely and it was the best time of her life. I wish my dad was still here. It would have been priceless to see his face and hear his voice about this wonderful news.

P and my closest friends! Without P, I would’ve gone crazy while reviewing. He’s been such a wonderful companion throughout this whole affair and I’m so glad we both made it as passers! And my friends were always there whenever I needed tips, review materials, happy company to fight away the stress and for having faith in me. Without all of these wonderful people including my family, I wouldn’t have had the courage to face the daunting 500-item exam. Passing is my gift for them, one way of showing I would not let them down.

For those that didn’t make it and are planning to give it another chance, I admire you. Like I said, taking that 500-item exam against thousands of other aspiring nurses takes an unbelievable courage. It’s admirable to have another drive and to rise up after not being victorious for the first time and this just shows how stronger you can be. More importantly do not let faith in yourself and your loved ones falter. In most people’s cases, it is the one thing that keeps them going and a drive that pushes them to reaching their dreams. For those who are taking the exams again and for the first timers, best of luck! 🙂

When you go in search of your Personal Legend, the whole universe tries to ensure that you get what you want.Paulo Coehlo (The Alchemist)


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