Valentine’s Day with the P

Fact: P is probably the only person I see spending the rest of my Valentine’s Day with in the succeeding years and he feels the same. It’s one of things things that actually feels like you’re forever changed by who that person is and what that person means to you, even after so many years.

What can I do with my happiness? How can I keep it, conceal it, bury it where I may never lose it? I want to kneel as it falls over me like rain, gather it up with lace and silk, and press it over myself again.

Spong-goodies from the most awesome boy in the world: P!

I’m a non-traditionalist especially with these kinds of things but I have to say receiving a flower from that person is a really fantastic gesture and gives you an awesome feeling ♥ He also gave me the most tasty egg pie in town to share with my family and it was sure hit with everyone. They took a few slices off already since they were so excited to try it once I came home last Tuesday night. He also gave me wonderful gift and he pretty paper bag which reminded me a bit of a Japanese origami paper was a very sweet touch.

The whole day was pretty much simple and fun in it’s own way. It was a day of being our usual “mall rat” selves, an eat-eat-all-you-can merienda buffet which left us really stuffed (we didn’t get dinner after) and a not-so-impressive movie in the theater: The Grey. We didn’t like it at all and the trailer looked so promising too and the fact that it had Liam Neeson in it. It wasn’t so bad as long as P was with me and was willing to be really kooky in public with me, so that’s pretty much alright.

I made him a Valentine’s Day face hugger card and my first batch of fried oreos. The fried oreos were really good! Very sweet but it was really unexpected that they’d turn out as I hope they would taste like. It’s a bit of a heart attack per piece but it’s undeniably good and it was fantastic with some cold vanilla ice cream. I’m so glad P loved it! He couldn’t believe fried oreos existed but they do and it was really worth it to see he loved it with much gusto.

This is a random doodle that I made for him and it’s probably one of his favorites. Both of us sipping our favorite Coffee Three (we pronounce it as KOHPI-TRI) from Quickly, one of our simple joys in life. We make a pretty wicked pair, I think and it’s absolutely fantastic I can be with someone that I can be mutually compatible with and yet we’re both so different in many ways.

I love you!♥  Happy Penguintines Day, Penguin Man.


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