Kotobukiya Bishoujo Review: DC’s Wonder Woman

Note: I was not paid nor sponsored to do this toy review. This is completely out of appreciation of the figure. Also you may click on the images for a high quality view of  the figure. Thank you!

Credits: Photography courtesy of my boyfriend, P.

I previously featured Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo Wonder Woman figure before in this entry when my boyfriend initially got it. Now I felt that entry didn’t justify what a fantastic figure it is and so I’m giving it a proper toy review it deserves.

The Kotobukiya Bishoujo Collection is probably one of Kotobukiya’s most successful endeavors to date.Teaming up with one of Japan’s well known illustrators Shunya Yamashiya, they’ve created an impressive collection of
statues featuring prominent and well-loved femme fatales and heroines in the geekdom with a Japanese bishoujo (pretty girl) twist.

My boyfriend P is the more toy-inclined of us two and he’s especially fond of this particular series of figures. I myself am interested in them and it can’t be denied that these are figures done just right! Take for instance, DC’s Princess
Diana of Themyscira, more popularly known as Wonder Woman.

Overall, Kotobukiya’s Wonder Woman looks incredible! She stands up with a dignified pose like how any warrior should be and her face is full of determination, ready to face any threat coming to get her. She also has a sense of being graceful as well, with her raven her billowing in the wind and just flows and frames her gorgeous face. Wonder Woman’s expression is not smiling nor is she frowning; instead, she looks like she’s planning an attack or out to get a villain. Beautiful nonetheless.

This is exactly why I love Wonder Woman than some of the Bishoujo girls; she’s not as pose-y or looks “forced” as the rest and she’s sculpted the way how her character should be and what she represents: a strong and confident female warrior.

Those who aren’t familiar with Shunya Yamashita, I would describe his style as a crossover between anime and pin-up style. His works show that he has a keen understanding of realistic anatomy and incorporates this to the anime style, rendering his female characters with well proportioned and well developed bodies, and with beautiful and entracing expressions. I think Yamashita’s provocative style is just perfect for Kotobukiya’s Bishoujos especially Wonder Woman. It emphasizes Wonder Woman’s womanliness and the showcase of her well-toned muscles in her fitting star spangled costume gives it the right amount of sexiness and fierceness, which is just right for DC’s Amazonian warrior princess.

I just love that everything about the Wonder Woman statue is not overdone from top to bottom. I have to commend the sculptor of the figure because it’s obvious that great attention has been put into her body. Her limbs and muscles don’t look exagerrated and are in fact well proportioned. Great care has been put in the details of her musculator from the face down to her lower limbs. I adore her legs especially. Every muscle and curve her works, especially around the knees. Quality work I’m telling you.

For the paint job, it’s a definite hit for me. It didn’t give her a “flat” look and you can just put Wonder Woman up your display case and she just pops! The colors work so well together– her raven black hair against her creamy fair skin and the colors of her suit, the metallic red and solid blue with a touch of gold is as striking as her pose.

Now for the base and the accessories.

The base was totally a hit for me and P since it definitely shows you cannot miss on any detail when making iconic figures like Wonder Woman and things like this make it worth collecting. Wonder Woman is not standing up on a plain base like how it was with the Bishoujo Rouge. The Amazonian warrior princess stands upon a disc with her spartan weapons on it. The weapons are beautifully detailed from her epic shield to her cloak and I think it’s fantastic that this base adds to the overall appeal of Wonder Woman as an strong heroine and yet it doesn’t distract us from the figure itself.

The accessories are pretty solid too. Her whole look includes bulletproof bracelets (good for warding off attacks) and the magic lasso which makes anyone who was caught in it answer questions truthfully. I liked that the lasso didn’t look limp when she held it. The Lasso of Truth is stretch taut as if it’s being readied to capture offenders in sight. Again, keen detailing was evident here.

Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo Wonder Woman stands a litte over 9 inches tall ( 1/7 scale) and made with quality solid PVC.  P and I both agree that she’s definitely worth your money and a fantastic piece to add to your collection whether you’re a Kotobukiya Bishoujo collector, DC fan, Wonder Woman lover or collector who loves a figure that reflects great craftsmanship.  She’s great eye candy sure enough and P and I hope that this level of quality on Kotobukiya Bishoujo girls will continue with future Bishoujo releases.



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