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Manila weather is bipolar as ever. Almost 6 years ago when I was still in high school, usually the cold weather from November lasts until mid-Februrary. Now, this kind of heat is surreal and the sky had a bright yellow cast, which we normally don’t see until early March when summer starts to creep in. Solar disturbances are annoyingly painful and it makes a lot of people unhappy, particularly me and OctoP. We have a low tolerance for hot and dry weathers. We fret and we sulk but yesterday was fine enough for the both of us. It was a Lazy Spong Day— happy cuddling, great movies and silliness.

I let him watch Perfect Blue, which he found to be a complete mindfuck-uncomfortable-movie but liked it nevertheless.  I would love to get him into anime movies a bit since there are really interesting ones there if you tried to watch one.

Fright Night was really awesome. We thought it was really fun and at the end we just both agreed on: Fuck you Edward Cullen! It’s nice to watch a vampire movie in a long while that has a different take from the overly saturated vampire movie genre. It wasn’t particularly scary but it had that creepiness to it and they made good use of the lighting haha! Colin Farrell really killed it in this role. That whole intensely creepy, sadistic, smug, savage vampire role was really made for him. Anton Yelchin’s performance was great too, like the rest of his roles in other movies which I enjoyed as well. What susprised me was David Tennant was there. He’s gotten a lot of raves in Dr. Who (which I haven’t watched yet) but it was clear enough in this film that he had pure unadulterated English swag. For sure, P and I both recommend it for you viewing pleasure!

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, we watched in Greenhills after P bought a new Marvel Universe figure for his collection.It was a fun movie although not as good as the first but it was still great on it’s own. Good plot and wonderful cinematography. No major spoilers from me although P and I loved the chase scene at the forest. Great dialogue too (Moriarty + Holmes) although it was pretty hard to follow with the quick conversations in their British accents + all the craziness going on. Lots of bromance going on and there’s a good deal of sympathetic potrayal on the relationship between Holmes and Watson. Lots of hilarious moments and I just thought Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. had great on screen chemisty… even if it was the scene when you strip your partner of his shirt during a fight while you are positioned over him and between his legs.


I took a quiz and I ended up being in House Tyrell. Not entirely sure what this means but reading the sneak peak for the third book gave me the impression that these Tyrells, particularly the Tyrell women are conniving and snarky especially Olenna Tyrell. Not sure if I trust them although I think I’ll grow to like them along the way. Margaery, I hope, will surprise me. All I know is that Sansa and Margaery have their similarities: both are particularly beautiful, sweet and gentle and very courtly but Margaery has what Sansa lacks– wit and a sense of recklessness in her. I haven’t watched The Tudors but they say Natalie Dormer is particularly very good there so I’m hoping she’ll be a awesome Margaery. There’s not much material for Natalie Dormer to work with in the second book but I hope HBO does something interesting about that, especially if Margaery knows about Loras and Loras’ relationship with Renly.


I’m can’t wait to see A Dangerous Method! Just finished watching Viggo Mortensen on Late Show with David Lettermen and he’s such a lovely gorgeous man and I don’t really care how old he is. He’s hot! I just really cracked up when Viggo was telling David about Michael Fassbender on the set of A Dangerous Method. Viggo just had to jump on one foot and cover one of his eyes and he’s just making a lot of people fall in love with him more.

Sometimes you have unusual choices made by your fellow actors. You never know what they’re gonna do. And I try to you know adapt and overcome whatever situation there is. Well for example in this movie, there is an actor called Michael Fassbender – fine actor. He’s in a lot of movies this year and he plays Carl Jung who’s kinda of you know, his first his student in a way, great friend, and then they kinda in way come apart. The friendship comes apart.

Michael is a very- he’s an Irish actor, fine, fine young actor. Very physical actor. Very fit, he’s always running around doing calisthenics and stuff. And he had a funny thing he’d do and I mean I’ve seen a lot of things but never seen this: before every shot, he had a thing that he’d do ‘cause he wanted to be very like sorta on the verge of leaping at you kinda thing, kinda off balance. So he would jump around on one foot. You know he would get up and he’d just stand there going like that. Sometimes he started skipping rope. And he wanted to have a lean, angry look, intense stare so he’d cover one eye like that. Seriously! And he would do this for a while. Keira Knightley like I say she is very correct, very proper young English actress and she would just kinda look away and she’d be alright with it. But I didn’t know what to make of it. You can’t see it in the movie but every time I did a scene with him he would be kinda like that, takes his hand away last minute – he’d be kinda cross-eyed lookin’ at me like that kinda mouth breathing and stuff.

There is one scene where we were in a sailboat. That is the one time where I was really worried. And I am sitting on a sailboat and he’s steering the sail and everything and he starts doing this and I am thinking, “He’s gonna put a hole in the bottom of the boat!” It was really scary.

—     Viggo Mortensen on Michael Fassbender in A Dangerous Method

  Oh Viggo. Already in your 50s and still naturally sexy. I just finished my Lord of the Rings trilogy marathon the other day and he just naturally kicks ass. I recommend you guys watch his other films particularly: A History of Violence and Eastern Promises (where this lovely image from taken from). I just thought both films were really great and Viggo’s just stellar in both of them (when he’s got that Russian accent going on it *was hagsjasghaj*).


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