R’s Thoughts: A Clash of Kings

Finally finished my copy of A Clash of Kings the second book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R Martin and I’m just like:

I’m terribly happy and satisfied with the book and it took me a little over two weeks to finish it. Not sure if you consider that fast for 1000+ page book because I just can’t put it down and I’ve been at it pratically everyday given the luxury of time I have. Initially, I planned on reading it come February given the time span till the premiere of HBO’s adaptation of it on April but having it sit there on my bookshelf with it’s bright yellow gold cover (it’s hard to miss), the temptation was just too strong. Awesome boyfriend is awesome of course since he was the one responsible that I get a copy of it as a New Year’s gift.

Can I just share first how cute is my cat bookmark? The gap in his mouth opens up so it can fit snuggly in a page or even a whole chapter so I can keep track of where I stopped.

For this entry, I’ll try my best to be as coherent as possible. Note that I will be using .gifs to further emphasize my point on how I found the book. At this point though let me just say I loved it better than the first book.  I’m still not over the effect it has on me after reading it and I just re-read my favorite chapters this morning and I just …

  This won’t be spoiler free, I assure you. So if you haven’t read the book yet or don’t want to be spoiled on anything season 2 has in store for us this April 1st, I suggest you don’t go beyond the cut. Hodor? Hodor.

Thank you!

In A Clash of Kings, we are introduced to a lot of new characters and all of them a dominant role to play in the saga of ASOIF. Notably we are introduced to Stannis Baratheon, King Robert’s younger brother, who styled himself as the King in the Narrow Sea. Stannis’ claim to the Iron Throne as well as his rivalry to his younger brother Renly Baratheon (who also claims the Iron Throne) will set a lot of events in motion that will ultimately lead to the craziness that is ACOK, which ultimately left me:

and just…

I have to say that I did find the book depressing to an extent especially if you’re attached to a character like what always happens with me and GRRM just finds a way to mess with your head. But ultimately what I love about this book was it
didn’t really bother me with how long it was and not as fast paced as the first book, but this one deals more about most of the characters, their motivations more than their actions.

The world where the ASOIF saga further expands with the introduction of new elements particularly when we are taken beyond the Wall in the North, when Dany and her khalasar are exploring the Free Cities and the introduction of a new religion, a worship of a god R’hllor through Melisandre. I’m definitely interested in all of them especially learning about what goes beyond The Wall and the people and culture of the the Eastern countries, beyond the Narrow Sea.

Now, Theon. I don’t even know where to begin seriously.

He gets his own chapters in this one where we are introduced to the Iron Islands, his home and the rest of his family House Greyjoy. I love Balon Greyjoy he’s so bad ass and fierce (now I know where Asha gets that) yet stubborn (uh huh) I just can’t agree with the fact that he didn’t let his men march with Robb’s for war in the riverlands.

In Theon’s chapters we are also introduced to the pirate Asha Greyjoy, his older sister and I just think she’s spectacular! Horny proud Theon almost flirting with some hot Iron Island wench and feeling up her boob and that wench touching the growing stiffness in his pants… only to find out that that wench was his sister Asha and only pretended to be a common girl just to get to know her brother. And I’m just like laughing my ass off and just…

I have a love and hate relationship with Theon’s chapater. Loved it primarily because I get to enjoy how Asha’s handling Iron Islands’ issues like a boss and how obviously Balon loves her and the fatherly support he shows her is just great. Theon’s interesting though but at the moment I just… HATE HIM with passion. WHY DID HE HAVE TO SEIZE WINTERFELL THAT I LOVE AND END UP BURNING IT THE GROUND?! I was reading the part when he claimed Winterfell and practically bullied everyone and his plans and schemes just ended up blowing in his face with a lot of casualties. GOD GREYJOY! THAT WAS SO STUPID AND I jshash

My hate for Theon Greyjoy at the moment is as wide and implacable as the seas his kin sails on and I’m just so frustrated! Bran and Theon’s chapters eventually meet and Bran wakes up to his Wolf Dreams (yup, there’s magic and a bit of prophetic dreams going on now). They were already talking about the dreams of the salted sea coming and drowning them. But nobody’s taking the dreams seriously and shit happens because Theon just lost control of everything. And Maester Luwin! And more shit happens and … “When a man was hurt you took him to the maester, but what could you do when your maester was hurt?” – Bran. And  bb Rickon says “Are we going home?” but at the end they get separated because the 2 princes of Winterfell need to be protected at any cost and I’m just like literally:

Back south, Renly Baratheon, the youngest of the Baratheon brothers is now known as the King in the Highgarden since he married Margaery of House Tyrell. I’ve come to like Renly because he’s just so… fabulous and earger and young. He has an interesting sense of humor too! I thought the idea ofthe Baratheon brothers and their stark differences are awesome. Renly’s the complete opposite of his older brother Stannis, who is known to be feared yet unloved. Robert on the other hand has a bit of both Stannis and Renly in him. Renly’s just…

 GAY *hatersaregonnabehatin* kinda guy. Loras Tyrell (Margaery’s younger brother and the lover of Renly) is just practically the same as him! The idea of the Rainbow Guards just blew my mind and I was excited for future chapters with Renly and Loras and I wanted to see what dynamic they would create together. But then… shit happens and GRRM killed off Renly early in the game and I just felt cheated and my heart just fell! So much for getting attached to another character!

We didn’t see much of Robb Stark in this book but Catelyn had chapters of her own here. I’m not sure if I like her here. I didn’t like her much in the first book although in ACOK, I thought she was really compassionate. What I really liked about her chapters was the interaction she has with Jamie Lannister. I think I’m going to like him more than I should, I must confess. It’s going to be interesting from now on with Jamie, I think especially since we are given a glimpse of his other self. It’s a bit complicated but I want to know more about his secrets and motivations. It was an eye opener and it just echoed when he said: “There are no men like me. There’s only me“.

At King’s Landing on the other hand, there were a lot of things that went on. First off I just want to say that I disliked Sansa so much before but now I just want to hug her. It still can’t determine what’s going on with the Hound if he was in love with Sansa but I like Sansa here. She’s definitely showing that she’s a Stark, a daughter of the North.

Joffrey’s still a little shit and I just want him to die. It was so epic when the mob happened and people were harassing him. And the moment when someone threw shit at him and I was like… YEAH! I hope HBO shows that part.

I’ve already made an separate entry on how I found Cersei and I still love her. Tyrion. Oh Tyrion. I want to know more about him and his relationship with his siblings especially with Jamie. He did a lot of interesting schemes in his book and I thoroughly enjoyed his chapters as much as Arya’s. I’m looking forward to how Peter Dinklage would deliver as Tyrion especially in his struggles here in the second book. He has a lot of material to work with.

ARYA STARK! I love her to death and the friendship between her and the rest of the boys in Yoren’s group just develops in an interesting way especially with Hot Pie and Gendry. But I was just so pissed when they killed off Yoren! He was her protector and a mentor of sorts in her road to survival but killing off Yoren (who I wouldn’t mind being stuck with) is just whacked! And my heart just exploded when Gendry found out that Arya was actually a girl and they were so cute together during that moment. And I just… wow…

  Arya’s so admirable. She enjoys being herself, all fire and courage! I enjoy reading about her struggles and I enjoy being there with her on the dangerous path she’s taking. Yet she manages to take care of herself and stay smart, even if she’s a bit young and naive and sometimes lets her feelings get ahead of her. It’s amazing how her time with Syrio Forel just echoes so much in what she is and ended up missing that man as well haha! I’m excited to see the on-screen interaction between her and Jaqen H’ghar, a mysterious man who’s also part of the men Yoren was supposed to take in the Wall. For some weird reason I’d like to think there was something else going on between Jaqen and Arya. I ship them honestly and their relationship reminds me of Leon and Mathilda in the film Leon: The Professional. I can’t wait for her development in the third book.

And Jon Snow, our man in the Wall. When Ygritte said “You know nothing Jon Snow”, that was all there is. I can’t wait to see them on screen!

So, HBO I’m ready for you on April 1st. I have a lot of thoughts about the upcoming season of Game of Thrones and I’m just excited! They really need step it up because this is a crucial point in the ASOIF series. And now I leave you with the words:



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3 responses to “R’s Thoughts: A Clash of Kings

  1. kim

    I am loving your gifs. I feel like I should know where the Latina maid is from, but I dont…

    Tyrion’s love for Jaime is the first clue that Jaime isn’t exactly the person we first see him as, in game of thrones.

    • I think the gifs are a direct result of lingering too long in weheartit or tumblr. The Latina is Santana from the series Glee 🙂
      I’m definitely looking forward in getting to know Jaime. I want to know more about him as Jamie and not simply the man dubbed as the Kingslayer and beyond the destructive relationship he has with Cersei. At the moment I’m trying to avoid as many spoilers as I can but I heard Jaime gets chapters in the third book and I’m excited about that.

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