A Whole Day of Reading

A recap of the holidays last year was that it felt too short, too hurried and a little overrated for me. I was in a festive mood but not exactly 100% into it with Energizer Bunny hyperness to go with the events. The most likely cause for this was the December NLE which, after taking the exams, made me feel like I’ll be stuck in the rut for the next two months before the results come out. It was just a simple Christmas celebration here at home but we’re all happy and content in our own way. I’m just happy my family’s safe and we’re all in good health.

P’s wonderful Christmas gifts for me 🙂

P was being the best kind of amazing during the holidays. It felt really good to have him with me during the whole difficult preparation for the NLE plus he was always ready to give me a happy hug. I’m definitely in love with the Sooper Feesh cut-out he gave as one of his gifts. Sooper Feesh is the character he made which started out as a random doodle during review classes. Fishies remind him of me, he said and so came Sooper Feesh, the fish… within a fish. Nope, it doesn’t really make sense but for us it doesn’t have to be all the time.

And just before the new year kicked in, I managed to clean my room and finally stored away all the review materials I had. More less, I accumulated 15 kgs of review materials (test papers, bullets, hand outs) over the last 4 months and I do hope I won’t have to see them and study them all over again, if you get what I mean.

Readings for the day!

L-R: Once Again to Zelda: The Stories Behind Literature’s Most Intriguing Dedications by Marlene Wagman-Geller, Vanity Fair September 2010 featuring Lady Gaga and A Clash of Kings (Book 2 of the Song of Ice and Fire saga) by George R.R Martin.

  Papple surprised me yesterday with this book as a New Year’s gift and I ended up throwing fistbumps in public while walking along Shangri-La because I felt so… YAY! ♥ Read it first thing in the morning and I’m hooked already! I’m excited for what’s going to happen for the factions battling it out for the Iron Throne. I can’t control my giddiness since there are already interactions between Arya and Gendry and I ship them!

*rolls happily*

Read The Sandman: Seasons of Mist again while taking a break from A Clash of Kings. This was one of Papple’s Christmas gifts for me (refer to previous pictures) and it’ s one of the more interesting story arcs in the graphic novel series.

It begins with the Morpheus, the Sandman and Lord of Dreams, journeying into Hell in order to forgive a woman he condemned nearly ten thousand years ago. Things quickly become complicated, however, when Lucifer decides to resign as king of Hell, and leaves the Sandman with the key to his kingdom. As the story progresses, the Sandman finds himself debating what to do with an empty Hell, as well as contemplating what it would mean to forgive the woman he condemned.

I rather liked the potrayal of Lucifer here. Makes me wonder if I should start another collection of graphic novels starting with his series Lucifer by Vertigo.

Still debating whether I should get Fables or some one shot graphic novels in the near future once I completed my Sandman Collection.


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