Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from P and me!

Halloween is the best time of the year for me and everyone seems to be really into it as much as Christmas when you’re out buying presents for everyone.  OctoP and I didn’t really dress up for the occasion but we managed to take off our human masks and came up with the iconic coupling of Darth Vader and his Clone Trooper. Still, we managed to get out goodie bags even if we didn’t really do trick or treating but nevertheless chocolates and candies for us!

I bought him bunny ears and they were intended for our little Nerf game ‘Shoot the Bunny’ but the bunny ears add a nice touch to the whole Darth Vader appeal doesn’t it?

Yours truly, your local Clone Trooper and I was out to shoot  downBunny Vader as a Halloween souvenir to take home.

I have to mention that due to popular demand, a yearly tradition on television was brought back to life and it’s Kababalaghan with Kabayan Noli De Castro. It’s a total trademark Filipino tradition on T.V every Halloween or Undas as we call it. I came home last Sunday night and practically everyone at home was tuned in. It’s been years since the show was last aired and watching it was an absolute nostalgia trip for me. It featured your classic cases of possessions, haunting in various places, cases of White or Black Lady sightings and various supernatural entities of the Filipino lore—it never gets old! I commend the people responsible for bringing this classic TV special back from the dead (pun… not really intended). And the actors and actresses in the reenactment scenes, kudos! You have total bragging rights now!

Of course, Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a little corpsie watching a horror flick of his choice. For kicks, I managed to sneak some in my anime watching schedule and watched The Human Centipede and Cigarette Burns yesterday. Cigarette Burns blew me away as always (it’s my favorite supernatural horror flick). It’s my second time watching the Human Centipede and it was so-so; P and I watched it before and we had high expectations but it just didn’t work for us.

If you haven’t watched any horror flicks yet for this Halloween season, shame on you! While we’re at it, I’m going to give a list of some of my favorite horror flicks (in no particular order) and these I definitely recommend!

(Left to Right, Top to Bottom) The Others | Shaun of the Dead | Cigarette Burns | Hostel

Let The Right One In | Marebito | Audition | Children of the Corn (original)

Ju-On: The Grudge (Japanese) | Ju-On: The Grudge 2 (Japanese) | Pan’s Labyrinth | Imprint

Suspiria | The Shining | Carrie | [REC]

Have fantastic Halloween everyone! 🙂


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