Kids These Days: Nerfing + Yearbook Launch

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After the intense NLE reviews so far, we get a break for a week and it was timely because the first day of the break was the yearbook launch for Batch 2011 as well as the school’s oath taking ceremony for the July NLE board passers .

So what better way to celebrate both (I’m one of the yearbook editors) by spending it with your family and we decided to have a mini Nerf war at school since we’re basically kids at heart. I was excited as fuck for both yearbook and running around like a madwoman shooting darts at other people. It’s definitely the right mini hoorah get together since we’ve all been busy doing our own thing.

Check out the pictures and the video that we made “Ratratan 2011” (title whuut). It’s not a perfect video but we will improve! Impromptu video and bad lighting but it was still fun nevertheless!

Getting ready for warfare. Most of the blasters we’re laid out. Most of these are OctoP’s because he collects them.

With our respective blasters: R’s Nerf Recon CS-6 armed with an 18 capacity stock, OctoP’s Quick 16 (a.k.a The Banana Gun) and my Nerf Maverick Rev-6 from the White Out series.


D’s holding OctoP’s Nerf Longstrike CS-6 from the White Out series and C’s holding OctoP’s Alpha Trooper CS-18

We also got the Nerf Barrel Break IX-2 and the Nerf  Raider Rapid Fire CS-35

The obligatory GPOY with my Nerf Maverick. I call it the White Ninja Zord Blaster, because it really reminds me of Tommy’s White Ninja Zord Sword he used in Power Rangers.

Something from Banana Productions (the new vid production we made since our stint in Friby (our mash-up of Friday and Baby). A combination of tager darts, streamline, whistler darts and suction darts.

And some pointers recommended for a Nerf War:

  • Ammo is essential. Always bring sufficient ammo, or have an ammo stash back at you base.
  • Attack indirectly. In other words, do not go head to head with the enemy. Most probably you will get owned (which I usually have the mistake of doing).
  • Be patient. NERF War is a battle of wit, keep your team alive and waste their ammo, you’ll have the advantage if they start to do a frontal attack on you.

Next time we’re gonna play the Nerf soldiers versus zombies. I can’t wait! It’s gonna get so messed up, whacked and dirty and probably rolling around the road and the some occasional bruises!



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  1. kevin

    are you guy indonesian?

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