The Student’s Bag

A quick post but I think it’s still a good thing that I manage to get this blog updated every now and then. It gives me a sort of break from all that studying and the chores I usually do.

Temporarily I’m back to being a “student”—‘temporarily’ since I’ll be a “student” attending Nursing review classes that would only last roughly up to 4 months and time flies pretty fast. It’s a nice feeling to have some routine and a sense of purpose back in your life again after an extremely extended vacation period.

I was excited because it meant school supplies shopping again and I’m someone who takes it very seriously. One of the best things that I love about being a student is that it satisfies my strange affinity for school and office supplies.I can’t explain it but it gives me great satisfaction knowing that I’m attending classes in carefully selected school supplies and plus points too if it has great aesthetic appeal.But this post is completely random and it just features what essentials I have on my “student backpack” on a daily basis.

1. Notebooks, of course.

Left: My notes from 3rd year Med-Surg and 3rd year to 4th year review classes are in it. It’s one of those thick, quality notebooks you buy from Fully Booked with the quirky front cover designs. What I love about it is that it can hold a ridiculous amount of notes, it’s the graphing type paper (kinda like Math notebooks) and they have indentations on the margins so when you rip off a page, it doesn’t result in those jagged messy edges. I suggest that you invest in this type of notebook.

Right: A random gift from a classmate in 4th year and it holds half of my notes during my 4th year review classes. Since it’s not yet full, I use it for my current classes. I love the smoothness of the paper and the cat detail on the cover. I added tabs on the edges to indicate the topic titles.

2. Post Its

I’m a huge Post It fan but the classic yellow Post It for side notes is a favorite. I also love the orange tabs and the mutli-colored ones which I use for my books and notebooks.

3. HUGE pencil case

Pencil cases are a must have. It keeps your stuff organized and keeps them from mysteriously disappearing in your bags. I’ve had this for a while now and it’s a really spacious pencil case with 2 compartments to store almost everything in. It has all my school and drawing pens. Sometimes an occassional pair of scissors or Scotch tape gets thrown in.

4. Essential Pens

I’m a bit picky with my writing tools. I use Monami Lovepet Pens on a regular basis and they’re available in different fantastic colors. I also have my Pentel Techniclick  0.5 mechanical pencil , 0.4 Stabilo pens in red and green, highlighter set from FUNctional (for all those hand outs) and my favorite: the Sharpie Accent Highlighter in Yellow. All of them are appropriately labeled.

My notes are either too colorful or the standard black-and-red-pen notes. I prefer the latter; there’s tons of topics to be discussed and it’s easier for me to spot them on my notebook. It doesn’t look as busy.

Spapple gave me cute star-shaped paper clips, which I use for my hand-outs and notes (and doodles) on loose paper.

5. The Planner

I don’t use it religiously but it helps me keep track of a lot of things. I put most of my lists here. My boy Spapple is responsible for the random Pokemon card that I use as a book mark. He says his Pokemon alter-ego is Gastly; I say he’s both a Gastly and a Snorlax.

6. The KIT

I believe that all girls carry one in their bags. My bag looks pretty girly and as much as I want to replace it, there’s nothing like it: small but really spacious. Also, I’m not one for the jam-packed kit that has foundation, eyeshadows, etc. I onlybring essentials: powdered blotting sheets, a handy cologne, small alcohol, small toothpaste, travel toothbrush, lip balm, tinted lip gloss (optional) and mirror. I usually have sanitary pads and wet wipes there but I ran out of them.

My lips can get horribly chapped so I don’t leave without having any lip balm. I use Mentholatum Lip Ice and it’s my favorite so far. I just finished the strawberry variant of my lip balm and now I’m using the lemon flavored one. For a subtle hint of color, I have my favorite tinted gloss the Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex in OR317. I rarely use lipsticks on a regular basis but I have Nyx’s Indian Pink which gives my lips a healthy pink tint.

7. The Wallet

Small and practical. I have a similar one in navy blue for my coin purse and USBs but I usually keep my bills here in this red one among other important things like my phone, I.D and my cards. It’s great because you can use the small handle to wrap it around your wrist so you can’t drop it. My little Lego Stromtrooper says hi~

Common but really essential stuff. Yes, this post was so random.



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2 responses to “The Student’s Bag

  1. I love your pens. I have the same ones. Of course, knowing me, they weren’t used because I was too lazy to take notes. ❤

    • HAHA! Yes, there are days that you feel too lazy to take notes! I love my pens so much I think I wouldn’t be able to concentrate if I weren’t using them!

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