R’s Comfort Movies

I haven’t been updating since review classes for the December NLE has officially started and so far, it’s been a busy and tiring first week. The good side is I have the weekends all to myself and for now I’ll be relaxing for a bit. And probably read for a bit so I can catch up on some M.S lessons.

So this entry, I decided, is going to feature some of my all-time favorite comfort movie picks. I think movies are such a personal thing and everyone has their own individual preferences on what they like, so my varied taste in films may not be up to everyone’s tastes (for one, not all of the plots are comedic/ slapstick comedy like the others).

Nevertheless, for this entry I’ve picked films that I have truly enjoyed and I would probably not get tired of watching them over time. These are my ultimate comfort movies and I always turn to them whenever I need some cheering up or an escape for bit whenever I’m in my bad-sad moods. They’ve been my staple throughout my stressful (otherwise boring) periods and it’s so easy to sit back and get into them once you pop one of these into the DVD player.

So here they are, in no particular order, some of my infallible comfort films:

(Left to Right, Top to Bottom): Little Miss Sunshine | Easy A | St. Trinian’s | Garden State

(Top to Bottom): Clueless | Mean Girls | Jawbreaker

(Left to Right, Top to Bottom):  The Swan Princess | Charlie Bartlett | Juno | Toy Story 1

(Left to Right, Top to Bottom): Almost Famous | Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging | Kick-Ass | Whip It

(Left to Right, Top to Bottom): Shakespeare in Love | Love Actually | The Rugrats Movie 1 | The Royal Tenenbaums

(Left to Right, Top to Bottom): Whispers of the Heart | Wristcutters: A Love Story | The Secret Garden | Spirited Away

So, what are some of your comfort movies?


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