R.I.P Circe

First of all I would like to say congratulations to Michael Fassbender (High Lord of Sharks, the handsomest and sexiest of them all) for winning the ‘Best Actor’ award at the 2011 Venice Film Festival for his role in Steve McQueen’s “Shame”, which I’ve yet to see. It’s going to be Shark Era from now on, I tell you.   To those who aren’t familiar with him, watch “Hunger”, “Fish Tank”, “X-Men: First Class” where he was a fantastic young Erik Lensherr and of course “Jane Eyre”.


Meet Circe my E-matic mp3 player and apparently she died last week after we shared an incredible musical bond for almost 4 years now.I’ve actually been feeling terrible over her loss, not only because I think I almost lost 4gb worth of songs but because she’s probably one of the last few solid brands out there in the market that’s dominated by Apple music products. I have nothing against Apple products but think I think I can purchase a music player that delivers the same tasks as well as iPods but at a relatively cheap cost (like Creative). I used to own an iPod shuffle but  basically I think Apple isn’t exactly budget friendly for me as well as user-friendly. But that’s just me.

This is Sansa Clip+ by Sandisk and it’s a portable music player that has received many praises and I’ll be investing on this. It’s relatively cheap too (4gb-8gb would cost only 2,500 – 3,000 Php). But I’m not sure it’s available on the local market except for online sellers. But you can’t be too sure about online sellers, OctoP told me. He’s encouraging me to get a new phone preferably a music phone. I’m not sure about it though. I like the idea of getting a new phone and a music player at the same time, but my concern is battery life (texting at the same time listening) plus I’m not sure music phones can withstand the wear-and-tear music players usually get. I’m a purist I think… but I still have time to decide anyway.

It’s not like I have money with me right now. I nearly maxed out my card (yikes!) and savings could only go for so long at an extended vacation like mine.


It was fantastic yesterday. Walking barefoot around a closed Robinson’s Galeria was brilliant and liberating. I just hope I won’t be getting sick; my throat still feels scratchy since yesterday morning. OctoP is trying to get me into Nerfs (he owns two Nerf Mavericks and we’re having a blast with it); it’s hard to resist and terribly tempting. BUT I can’t leave my books alone and I’m saving up to buy a new mp3 player. I miss having one; I feel restless and surprisingly naked without it while I go along my household chores or any other activities. Plus it saves me from the terrible music they usually play on the radio in public transportation when I commute. And I also miss that moment when epic music plays while you walk and you try to match your footsteps with the beat (epic walking soundtrack = instant moment in action movies). Yeah, that happens to me.


Spent the afternoon today at Fully Booked free reading Clash of Kings. I am shameless that way and I am dying to get my hands on it. Next week probably. Stannis makes his appearance in this book and based from what I read a while ago, it’s gonna be batshit crazy from that point on.


And now,  an obligatory photo flood of this gorgeous talented man.

Photo via madcowre @ tumblr


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