Favorite Game of Thrones Moment #2: Robert and Cersei

I’m not the biggest fan of Robert Baratheon’s character and Cersei Lannister is definitely one you’d love to hate, but I have to say this is one of the scenes in Game of Thrones that I loved the best and probably one of the greatest scenes I’ve watched in a television series. It’s not in the books, so I have to thank the producers for including this interesting bit.


In this particular scene, King Robert Baratheon and his Queen Cersei Lannister share a moment of honesty with each other about their 17 years of a sham marriage (“How long can hate hold a thing together?).  I wish that Robert’s character in the book would’ve been more like the on-screen Robert; he seemed more real. In this scene, I find it ironic to see that Robert is most comfortable as himself in front of his wife, the one person he detests most.  We could see his desperation to hold on to something he lost and the pain this brings him (“And seven kingdoms couldn’t fill the hole she left behind”) in contrast to his strong resolve and shows he isn’t as dumb as he seemed to be (he just got lazy). Cersei has a terrible iciness to her but then and there she’s vulnerable as Robert in front of him. I felt for her when she admits that she had once had true feelings for Robert and he can’t say the same back to her because he always loved Lyanna Stark even after she died.

This scene was handled wonderfully and I have to commend the actors for the gentle yet realistic portrayal of the strange kind of intimacy Robert and Cersei shared. It was priceless to see them laugh over the same thing.

I’m stoked for Book # 2 ♥ In the mean time, I’ll be recalling more GoT favorite moments. Why should I forget Arya, Daenerys, Sansa, Bran, Tyrion, etc.


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