The Man Who Would Be King

I’m not even sure how to begin.

Lately it’s been going back to thinking, patience and waiting. I wish I could drive you someplace far away. I’d do that if I could—someplace where we could see for miles, someplace you could see for years. Let’s drive away, climb up someplace high; I wanted to change everything. We’ll go there so we can scream our joys, victories, heartaches, hate and everything will be lost out into the wind and carried out westward in the past.

We’re gonna make mistakes; we’re young. But we get older and we’re learning what we can do for ourselves to make us happy.

And although I feel awful that I can’t be physically there when you need me, to make sure you’ll be doing fine for the day, I can’t give in to that because I’d be defeating myself. I’ll stand my ground, get you out of the fire alive and never let you drown; I’ll breathe into you, trust you and love the shit out of you.


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