Happy Birthday Spongklong ♥

Before the day ends, let me take this oppurtunity to celebrate in the interwebs the existence of my fantastic boyfriend. I remember the first time I ever saw him; I didn’t think we’d be friends at all. But more than a year after, we’re inseparable and I just spent my whole day hanging out with him (bear hugs, tickle fights, brutality points included, Rango lovin’ & FOOD of course) and I get scared sometimes because I miss him too much.

There’s a lot I remember in those specific moments in my life with Banana Boy P, moments so random and so extraordinarily amusing yet in essence ordinary. In a way, those moments are what built us. Those times we spent together were the bricks that built the home that he and I share. It started with one, and we just kept stacking them side by side, or on top of another. And now we have this unbreakable fort. It makes me feel safe.  Sometimes I think we are the best-made case against a complete disbelief in soulmates; though not without effort, we coalesce seamlessly (but we’re had rough times) and without sacrificing personal identity.

I am romantic and silly, and I can’t kill that. I can’t let the world kill that. Attitude is everything and I’m willing to go an extra mile for your happiness. I love you. You’re the love of my life. Happy Birthday and I wish you all the happiness, success, blessings life could give.


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