Chalk Art Chronicles

That’s me with my usual too smiley, too cheeky look perfectly captured by my boyfriend while working on a chalk doodle on the pavement. This day was an all together awesome experience for both me and Banana Boy P since this was something we both worked on for his photography assignment almost 3 weeks ago.

Since his photography assignment was for portraiture and at the same time, the portrait should capture a story or something about the model without being blatantly obvious, clichéd and overall: boring (example: a guy holding a guitar, an older woman carrying a baby). So we agreed upon he portrayed me his girlfriend as an artist or someone heavily involved in the artsy side of life. Spapple didn’t want it stiff and overdone, so we decided to keep it casual and vibrant and very… me. A few days before, we’ve been so mad at the unpredictable rains for flooding the streets and ruining the perfect organized mess of the place where we were going to shoot. We debated long and hard where would an alternate venue be given the weather: light drizzling but it didn’t stop, misty and wet. There were wanton clouds that wanted to continuously pour out their mischief and wash away the Manila dirt and our hopes of having the “perfect” shot.

On the day of the shoot, we got lucky—the sun was shining outside Papple’s window, waiting to swallow us up. Our original plan of doing the shoot in one of our secret spots while I accomplish a doodle on the pavement using chalk wasn’t compromised due to the surprisingly good weather. That particularly day was warm—too warm, and the sun seemed ripe with harsh heat. We worked early in the morning, bringing Papple’s new puppy (and dubbed as his “kid”) Wiggy to play while we worked.

Papple was wonderful companion all throughout—he made sure I had a shade while working (he was my umbrella man), made sure my hands didn’t hurt or itch from too much chalk (my hands could only withstand too much chalk dust) and most importantly made me laugh. We had a grand time while I was working and all this while, the sun was burning the skin of my arms to a crisp red but I didn’t even notice.

And that’s me with P shooting from that angle to give a sense of “unfinished” sidewalk art and I did somewhat wanted to extend my work that far.

We got our shots, which we both immensely liked and I was extremely proud of myself, most especially Spong because he made the shots work when there wasn’t so much natural sunlight to work with in the late afternoon (when we actually started shooting) and how we wanted to show the whole result of my morning toils (he didn’t want to cut off any character from my doodle as much as possible).

RandomGiddyObservantHAHA: It’s particularly attractive for me how overly meticulous he is. He’s really tapping into his inner potentials, working on how to harness it and it all comes together in the end because he’ got a one-track mind when it comes to working with photography (he’s a beginner but he’s learning fast on the technical parts and the tricks). It’s also amazing and kind of magic… to watch how busy his hands get when he’s fiddling with Bonnie (his SLR).

At the end of the day, I had a severely unattractive t-shirt tan BUT I don’t regret getting it since it’s a testimony of an afternoon where it seemed that the world to us was lost and quite in its afternoon siesta while we toiled, and we created a personalized kingdom in our little secret place. It feels nice to remember that a particular day remains un-spoilt and untouched just the way it is. It was a really great day for some creativity and happy time.

I wonder if it’s still there.


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