This was supposed to be an entry posted last night but it felt more comfortable sitting on the drafts folder:

Since official review classes for NLE starts by mid-September, it seems like my summer just over extended until August. Putting off the NLE makes me have an extended summer vacation, which I learn does not have its perks. So be a Franz Ferdinand and Take Me Out and let’s have a Master and Margarita (one of my favorite books) adventure. I’ve been losing track of time but I haven’t forgotten about this blog. My existence lately is utterly pathetic—being stuck in the limbo of non-activity that leaves me fat and sluggish and heavily uninspired and the worst part is I don’t do much about it. All I know is for my nourishment to come at a steady phase I need to read more books, watch more movies, see more magazines (preferably art zines—if only I could afford shipping from Coilhouse), watch and see more anime, and listen to and discover more music. No more dry spells ( and bouts of shameless laziness) please? It’s not doing any good for my art or my relationship to myself + others.


Thoughts before going to bed a few nights ago (slightly drunk and feeling really stupid and full of myself) and this was supposed to be an entry—but I opted it stayed in the drafts folder of my Dashboard:

Discomfort in the staleness of a life lacking a routine and a solid social ground makes you more withdrawn, private and things become harder to say. There’s a weight on shoulders, something you can’t shake off, and bears down further and everything then seems to be heavy and laden with your flaws. Everyday seems less purposeful than the day before, you become sentimental (misplaced) but then you realize you have to teach yourself to let things mean less. You can’t stay, you’re stagnant and your inability has become your phantom limb (you don’t like being a burden).  You become very disappointed in yourself.

You want to catch up because it’s mostly you can’t stay behind anymore.

No more sacrifices of personal identity.

(No more) Misplaced Sentimentality.


I finished watching Little Miss Sunshine yesterday (it deserves a review), watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2 the other day (which I will dedicate an entry) and now I have with me Satoshi Kon’s Paprika and Revolutionary Road on the hard disk.

But nothing’s totally fine. Banana Boy does not like me very much right now. Well, he still does, but it’s one of those days.


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