21st Birthday + Toycon 2011

I had a rather eventful 21st birthday celebration with my family and friends a few days ago. Being born on the same day as the national hero has its perks—usually a holiday on a weekday, if the 19th falls on a Sunday.

21 the age where I’m supposedly emancipated and you feel fully adult. I forget how scared I am—I’m nervous about the future and what’s waiting  for me and I’m anxious (and often self-critical) if I have what it takes to set my life moving. I forget to feel this way; I’m still bordering on being ready and being scared shitless with doses of hysteria and mania. Although I never doubted that tomorrow would give something better for me. This is a far cry from what I was almost 7 years ago—I have faith in the outcomes. I have risks to take, to find more things that could make me truly happy, find my niche in the world where I can be comfortable and embracing the kindness and individuality in everyone. I’m having a wonderful run with this period in my life—I have friends I could keep for life where we created a strong connection and shared history. At the same time I made mistakes but I tried my best to fix them, made myself happier by making important decisions, dropping the vicious cycle of getting into something that was pulling me down.

I’m not saying I won’t be making anymore mistakes but I’m getting better at not making a train wreck (most of the time). I need to guard myself more. I’m fueling my life to the direction I want it to be with plenty of happy thoughts that accumulated. It doesn’t change the fact that I’m still scared, but I’m happier now.


I’m lucky since my birthday last year and this year fell on the dates of the Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention and it’s now on it’s 10th year. It’s an annual two-day extravaganza that fills the Megatrade halls of SM Megamall not only with toys and collectibles but all sorts of merchandise from various fandoms from all aspects of pop culture. Throngs of proudly self-proclaimed geeks, nerds and otakus make the annual trek for the year’s highlighted event. To label the Toycon as simply as a geek party minimizes the cultural impact and lavish decadence of the event. The massive floor space of the three combined megatrade halls houses never-ending array of stalls of exhibitors and dealers who peddle every single toys, comic book and related memorabilia. The convention promotes a range of genres which include animation, science fiction, fantasy, horror and video games. Fans like me are faced with the daunting task of deciding which item to buy, comparing which items are given for the most reasonable prices.

Photo © Pao Belleza 2011

The first day was tiring, but we only got to feel that at the end of the day. We had adrenaline rush fueling to make way at the super crowded toys haul. We also had Raf’s awesome lasagna (his birthday gift for me) as a treat to our weariness. Day 1 haul, consists of Minimates for me and a DC Pop Hero Loki while Banana Boy P splurged on quality mint Marvel Universe figures.

It’s amazing and I’m definitely thankful for everyone who made my birthday feel very special. I feel blessed and thankful for all your well wishes. I certainly did have a blast.

Photo © Pao Belleza 2011

I lack the verbal dexterity to describe the depth with which I love Banana Boy P.  We’re not the sweetest couple out there, believe me, but there are happy moments of spontaneous sentimentality that no words or no numbers can match. He’s the home I could go home to and nothing is adequate enough to quantify or qualify the feelings when it involves him that gave me everything that can be given. If we hit some bad days, we’re always going to have each other and the silliness that follows us.


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