Day 05 – A Song that Reminds R of Someone

Rise by Origa.

…Бесконечный бег…
Пока жива я могу стараться на лету не упасть,
Не разучиться мечтать… любить…
…Бесконечный бег…

(Endless run
While I’m alive, I can try not to fall while flying
To learn how to dream, to love…
…Endless run…)

Calling, calling now, for the place of knowing
There’s more than what can be linked
Calling, calling now, never will I look away
For what life has left for me

This reminds me of her, my mentor, because everything about her was so beautiful and it hurt and there was an void in her that could not be satiated. She was everything dark, brooding, haunting and if you’re close to her, you’d feel like drowning sometimes or overwhelmed. She’d come to you in greater thought, greater angst. She was everything I wanted to be then and you remember a lot clumsier things you did in your life but then there’s a different story about her teeth sinking to your neck.  If she was a song, she would exactly be this.


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