Day 04 – A Song that Makes R Sad

Way of Difference by Glay. This song eats me up inside and the fact that this song comes from one of my favorite bands is a big deal. This music reminds me of everything that was and this is practically a significant track in my high school life. I’ve been a continual fan of Glay for years now and the language barrier didn’t stop me from appreciating their music. In fact, this is one of their songs that I have proudly mastered the Japanese lyrics as well as the English translation. Since my music in high school is predominantly j-rock, it wasn’t difficult to learn Japanese at all and I listened to Glay, particularly to this song faithfully 24/7. Their music has always lifted my spirits and added variety to my mostly stagnant collection on my computer.

This song makes me feel a particular dull ache, mental throes, yearning. I feel lucid, transparent and ennui hits me badly, all in all bittersweet. Listening to this makes me feel really young, feel the cottony edges of my socks on my ankles and careless fun, your place in the world bordering on a place of strangeness, terror, strength versus endless afternoons behind the high school building creeping in playground.

めぐり合いどれくらいたったかな 苦手な笑顔もうまくなったかな
それからの2人はいつも一緒だった そして順に大人になった

We knew from the beginning that we were going to go our separate ways
but even still, I felt forever in those days I touched you.
How long has it been since we found each other
I was bad at smiling, has it become more natural?
Since then we were always together,
and following that we became adults.


Waiting anxiously, but you haven’t come
The memories raining down on this precious season, are mostly of you.
I miss you, I miss you
You’ve given me so much courage that I still now keep with me.

愛を探し愛に迷い愛を知り どこか似てるあなたの胸にいる
傍らに譲れない夢がほら 2人をもっと大人に変えた
Unable to be together without hurting each other, we healed that pain together.
Now, those days in which everything seemed meaningless, have become so dear to me.
Looking for love, troubled by love, knowing love
In that heart that resembles mine in some way, I am there, and in a corner is your unyielding dream,
Don’t you see, it has changed us into adults even more.

I want to see you, but I can’t
Standing still searching for the light through such a long night.
The one who taught me that everyone needs strength and kindness to live was you who was leaving me.


If we’re under the light being cast through the leaves,
it makes even our parting seem beautiful.
By forgetting sadness people, surely, can become stronger.
Soon, even here, the snow will accumulate and the world will be colored white.
if just for a little longer


We knew from the beginning that we were going to go our separate ways.

* English translation: Takako Sakuma


This, because I’m nostalgic right now and Jiro has got so much swag in this. Jiro is their bassist (photographer too) btw, the blonde one with the belt straps. His bass work packs punches and he’s a little bad ass in his own right. He’s the guy that own smy heart for 4 years in highschool.


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