This boy makes everything exponentially better. I miss being with him and he knows to lead me where ever I need to go. My head aches too much to go a few days without you.

We go outside it was mid-afternoon and still cold and raining. It kind of perfect, the way the rain fell and we walked under it and stopping to kiss, to have our hands everywhere. We raced each other to jump in the puddles and splash each other and rolled on the wet cold concrete. The fat raindrops ran down our faces, cold water tracing our bodies and you’re endlessly fascinating (and fucking addicting). It’s always wonderful when you lie against me tenderly, shivering with fire on your skin. And then there’s always the way how your fingers slip through the hair behind my ear, vowing happiness. Electric three words. I think I’m losing myself in you—in those we love we lose ourselves and find ourselves.


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