R’s Childhood: Polly Pockets

When I was a wee girl many years ago, Polly Pocket was THE magnetic toy for girls at that time and I don’t mean that quite literally. The toy line that was distributed by Bluebird (before Mattel bought it) was a virtual cult following among girls of 6 – 8 years old due to Mattel’s heavy promotion and commercials on T.V that I vividly remember.

“Pops Up to Open a Playset”—that was the line in the commercials and true enough, once you open the pastel colored cases it reveals Polly and her little house filled with tiny hard plastic moveable furniture and things. There were different scenarios in each edition of the Polly Pocket playsets but they were appealing because of the novelty of their small-size and you can literally take it anywhere! I remember going to a childhood friend’s house with my only Polly Pocket in hand and play with it with childish abandon.

Pictures: Tumblr


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