Inspiration: “Metropolis” Urban Dystopia Fashion by Morphium Couture

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I took a breath upon discovering Morphium Couture’s latest collection “Metropolis“— breathtakingly beautiful, cutting-edge and inspiring. It’s my first time being acquainted with Morphium Couture and for what I’ve seen so far, I’m not disappointed and what they offer are refreshing and elegant pieces with subtle hints of futuristic tones and science fiction.

Morphium Couture’s latest collection in particular “Metropolis” is inspired by German expressionist director Fritz Lang’s 1920s masterpiece “Metropolis” about the future as an urban dystopia. The collection features designs that render the movie’s themes, particularly the female automaton Maschinenmensch, in high fashion.  There is definitely a kind of armored chic to the dresses—metallic shell shapes for the headdresses and the metallicesque material morphing into softer, more sensual approach in the dresses, which gives off an appealing tactile effect of modern techno-fibre and high shine metallic film.

Click the link below for more pictures of the collection.

Photographer: Dusan Jaukovic
Makeup: Aleksandar Djikic
Stylist: Jelena Malesevic


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