One Summer’s Day

I know;  it’s a totally strange combination of films put together for a head start in my movie marathon. But I do love them all especially Charlie Bartlett and that movie now holds a special place in my heart. Anton Yelchin is all kinds of awesomeness and so is this movie, period.

Garden State was an unexpected surprise. It’s like a little warming gem that calmed me when I was on the edge of my erratic PMS moods yet again. Garden State was marvelous and I was really taken aback to see Denis O’Hare as a family man there: the “Guardian of the Infinite Abyss” when I was so used to him as Vampire King Russell. But he was very sweet as Albert & the whole movie’s sweet too. Kudos Zach Braff!

All About My Mother was the first Almodovar film I watched years ago and it was wonderful to revisit it again. There’s a huge web of relationships between the characters that carries the movie which delves into feminism, sexism, heterosexism and family bonds.  It’s funny and heart-breaking and an easy favorite. I’ll look into more of Almodovar’s other films. Agrado is my definite favorite.

Requiem for a Dream is so good! I need to have a blue ray copy of this! It’s a harrowing and cathartic movie that I personally wouldn’t recommend to watch if you’re suffering from the blues and on the edge because of PMS. It’s not an easy watch from the gravity of the film but it was terribly brilliant and the cinematography just went well with the premise. My heart nearly burst in the scene where Jared Leto and Jennifer Connelly we’re touching and their phone call scene. The whole film was fantastic, daunting and entrancing and it deserves a second watch! Uncut version definitely.

Atonement and House Bunny deserved a second watch. I’m still very much in love with the green dress Kiera wore in Atonement.


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