May Rain

Things have been quite calm and laid back lately and I’m not complaining much (although I tend to miss the boy intensely these days). Yesterday I woke up in my humid bedroom and heard the rain beating down hardly on all sides and I was rather glad for it because it was the first rain this summer. An early sign of a storm brewing in as the rainy Manila season approaches and I feel warm and so safe and secured wrapped under my blanket. But then I’d really like to walk outside, down the street with massive puddles and stands of rain water in the hollows of the faulted paving and smelling the storm—wet soil and heavy, harsh rain drops and talk to yourself, feel like walking faceless. A dance under the rain or better yet a kiss shared under the rain, just to erase the dreary summer days which passed filled with humid bedrooms, languidities, uneasiness and poignant longing. Contemplation does well to me sometimes (as long as I don’t over think) and must remind myself: I AM ENERGY, I AM SOUL AND DIRTY HANDS.

This is the year that’s going to be different and I feel the days are down the line, days are going, going, gone from this point. I knew when the year started I have many plans, if not resolutions and I was highly motivated to follow them through and now it seems I’ve lost track of it. Everyday is another day to start over with and I’m taking that chance.

Eventually something big will come up in my life, something perhaps much needed. For now there’s no sense of hurriedness, no panic, no sense of time—nothing invades me.

I read quite a lot these past few days and was able to finish off 3 graphic novels: Neil Gaiman’s Stardust, Grant Morrison’s Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on A Serious Earth and Jeph Loeb’s Batman: Hush. I immensely loved the three of them and certainly weren’t a bore to read. It helped that these were different in terms of writing style and genre and I was practically giddy and very satisfied everytime I finished one. The whole of Morrison’s Arkham Asylum though, has to be commended for it’s arresting visual style and symbolic elements in the chilling plotline—mystical, poignant and sensuous dialogue in that claustrophobic and erratic atmosphere Morrison successfully established as the plot went along. There was nothing else like it and I liked the fact they didn’t treat Batman as a strictly two-dimensional character. Soon, a review of the three graphic novels; I’m currently preoccupied reading Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta.

I wrote too and it was by far, the most productive moods I’ve had since graduation. I’ve been writing draft for character profiles in an unfinished project me and my college friends have and it’s been keeping me preoccupied. Looking back at references, my foundations in Judeo-Christian mythology, fantasy, Norse mythology and surprisingly geography and world history—it’s certainly a refresher but not the same as when taught in the classroom or by someone of credible authority on the subject. There’s a lot of ideas buzzing in my head—try not to make your characters too flat, provide areas for character development, make them believable, don’t let one character overpower the rest, balancing,  another angle on the conflict and so on. I kept revising and revising and revising and so many memories and words flooding in my mind that seem to argue in my head which would be plausible and amusing.

(I miss everything about school.)

For the mean time, I’m a happy and content little egg because my boy brought me fluffy pancakes and coffee for breakfast and spent a good few hours with me here.  He makes me laugh so much, it’s exhilarating and I feel very much alive.

P is all sorts of wonderful and odd things combined


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