Eris Hellespont

(my character profile in the Great Manga Project)

Eris Hellespont | Riza
Age: Unknown, appears to be a young woman of 18-20s
Gender: Female
Eyes: Palatinate / Deep purple
Hair: Long, wavy black
Organization: Arcanum Cella Ex Dono Dei / Vatican’s Ministry of State Affairs
Abilities: Shape shifter (gender shifting, animals, griffin, wvyern, basilik, chimera), superhuman strength, stamina, longevity (ages slower), limited knowledge of sorcery
Weapon: Rapier: This rapier’s guard resembles a mouth with citrine for fangs, the blade extending from it like a tongue. Its grip is formed like a bone and the blade is made from black onyx.

Character Background:
Eris was taken in my the Ministry of State Affairs and was given the name Eris. She has a vague recollection of her past.

Came from a strict Catholic family: her father was a member Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition, her mother a devout fundamentalist Catholic. Her father has been called to duty in Central Europe to arrest a woman accused of witchcraft. Her father opted to take his wife and her in the journey. After the witch was caught, it was discovered that a demon whom the witch made a pact with was present in the village and started to wreck havoc. During the chaos, the demon snatched the baby Eris to take her hostage. Her father and members of the Inquisition discovered this and was to purge the demon by exorcism.Unknown to Eris parents’, the demon, out of spite, was transfer its life force to Eris and possess her. Before the demon could finish, it was shot by a former member of the Arcanum rendering it weakened. The demon was successfully exorcised afterwards.

Years after the incident, her parents noted that Eris retained the body of a toddler too long and was supposed to be school-age at the time. Their house helpers were wary of the child and talks of her strangeness ciruclated in town. Toddler Eris never got sick and animals were wary of her as well. An incident led her mother to discover Eris’ shapeshifting abilities that she was able to shapeshift into a young boy and a feral looking cat while playing with her playmates in the field. Upon discovery, she believed her daughter was not her daughter and was replaced by a demon and tried to kill her by torturing her. To avoid the scandal, her father opted her to be given away leaving her within the Vatican’s premises to rid of her.

A minister working with the secret Arcanum group, found her in the form of a small black panther and eventually she transformed back to her original form. The minister opted to take her in, initially to be studied. Due to her special skill, she was chosen to be a member of the secret Arcanum group to be a “soldier” once the prophecies come and during the height of the demonic activity in the world. As a child she was already working with Abel.

Eris has a penchant for clarity and values precision. She doesn’t like sloppy thinking, waste, and redundancy, and isuncomfortable with sending out something that isn’t as good as it can be, but it has to go out anyway. Likes things thought through. Incompetence just sets me right off. She have very little tolerance or patience, especially if the person is above me or isn’t really trying. Eris doesn’t think she pushes people any harder than she pushes herself and most people probably push less, which is where conflict comes in. Likes to avoid conflict at all possible costs, but if it reaches a point where she can’t go anywhere unless this gets resolved, then she will jump in and take care of it. It’s an ongoing decision between fairness and not letting people walk all over her.

There is this constant balancing act between self-confidence and questioning myself. Sometimes I feel secure and comfortable about knowing and thinking about and recognizing a lot and knowing how to learn new skills and ideas and concepts. But I have an almost instant ability to detect limitations—not knowing enough, picking out what’s missing, adding in an always-present feeling that it’s not quite right, and not knowing everything there is to know with insufficient time to learn everything that is important.”

I can be seen as too unfeeling, too quick to start into work with not enough basis laid out for the day, and I’m not much for the personal amenities or socializing. Yet it is important that others are aware they are important to me and I am loyal to them. I tend to try solving personal problems all by myself.

Motivations: family


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