Clear by S

I feel rather nostalgic. I’ve been browsing through my Google Docs account where I uploaded most of my old documents as early as 2004. I stumbled across this piece which brings back a lot of memories, especially the days when Friendster was still alive.

There was a tall lanky gentleman S, years older and wiser than me and we’ve fortunately met through common friends. Looking back, it’s funny how he sent this to me online in Friendster, saying that it was a poem he wrote for me. There weren’t a lot of men who did this and certainly not for awkward little me at the time, so I was practically giddy and he was the older brother figure I looked up to.  And, though a rare occurrence, I particularly like it when I read something written for me. It’s not the best thing out there, but it was really spontaneous. I haven’t seen him in the longest time—he probably has kids by now. Dated February 25, 2005—2005 was the year of heartsickness, teenage troubles and plenty of tumultuous emotions.

Clear – by S

As I look at you
From across the room
With your eyes hidden under pages,
Pretending not to see
That I saw you looking
From across this room at me.

Under the headphones,
Listening to your song,
Following the rhythms,
That moves your tender heart.
You spend moments of your time,
To steal away from mine.

Its clear that your eyes
speak words that you cant tell.
Cant drown your thoughts
Through your music.
Cant fight the images
Of you by my side,
Smiling at you
In every little time.

Turn the volume down,
And I can hear your heart,
Pounding away
as you gaze at me again.
Just tell me, am I real?
The way you make me feel,
Shrug away the things
That stop you from coming near.

Come near, so I can stop
Hiding from you, my dear.


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