Maudy Thursday 2011

It was a cool summer day earlier where light breezes pull the leaves across the street in slow motion. The days are much longer and night falls much later, but I love the night better. Everything’s low key and vibrant against the night’s tapestry of shadows. I could see the street lights from my bedroom window and they we’re haloed by a hazy nimbus of smoke from smoking pedestrians under it and insects come fluttering up against the bulb, dazed and numbed by the brilliance. It’s cooler than most nights, thank goodness and I wouldn’t have to worry about sleeping and sweating feeling soggy all over.

It’s the Holy Week and coming from a Catholic family, it was tradition that we attend the mass. Being intoxicated by the incense and the subtle but pervasive scent of holy water (which I prefer), I still am in awe of the sense of eternal verity of community and of course, the strong ritual framework of the mass executed with grace and decorum. The rarest thing you’d observe in a mass all throughout the year since the Holy Week is much reflected upon the liturgical calendar. No galloping through a mass thirty minutes flat. I enjoyed it.

Back at home, I am shamelessly enjoying the perks of vacation time without worrying about school anymore. I took comfort in DVDs and watched 5 so far. I watched Due Date, From Hell and my three favorites so far: Owls of Gahoole, The Tourist and Zombieland (it’s my second time to watch it). I’m practically struck by the Tourist because I had low expectations about this movie, thinking it was another run-of-the-mill sexy action and adventure movie that will be overshadowed much by the main cast playing it. Surprisingly I liked it more than expected and I like the surprise of using Muse’s “Starlight” at the end credits. On random note: I miss listening to Muse. Listening unexpectedly to “Starlight” a while ago made me realize I haven’t been listening to them as much and “Starlight” is such a wonderful song. It’s one of their best songs actually and it’s one of the more popular songs Muse is known for (although I wish listeners would venture out to their more edgy and experimental stuff). It felt like Matt was serenading me. It’s kind of different if we talk about listening to Muse singing and serenading everyone and Starlight being sung to you, at you and only you—dedicated to you *daydreams*

Before I drift off to Happy Imaginary Land, I will probably give a quick review of the movie The Tourist tomorrow.


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