You, A Drug Coursing in My Veins

Papple kisses me even though I’m sick, cuddles me the whole night even if we weren’t doing anything and tells me I look absolutely beautiful at any chance he has.

I’ll cuddle with him even if I have sunburn; I pretty much don’t care about the stinging burns because as long as I feel his skin on mine. Papple had his arms lazily draped over me yesterday and it probably the safest place I know. The best thing is when he murmurs next to my face, stares at me and I know everything is alright. Nobody loves his heartbeat like I do and I enjoy recalling him with a chance patch of sunlight yesterday and withdrawing deep into myself whenever he held me and the world seems blooming, withering, spinning and changing.  He lets me sleep in his bed and protects me from the monsters that live inside my head.

I can’t stop needing you and wanting you all over without a shadow of a doubt and I like the fact that you feel the same way about me too.

The days drifted in and out like smoke, the sky ever shifting from blue to purple and back to gray and the heat was unbearable. We’ll make this our summer again, just like before.


Yesterday was well-spent in Banana Boy P’s house– cuddle,  movies & good food. He’s leaving for the yearly Church Camp.

Four Papple-less days.


The sunsets and the moon have been breath taking these past few days. Blood red.


Paolo Belleza loves me and it’s wickedly insane.


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