Manuel Albarrán

This post is for you, GlitterKid.

Manuel Albarrán. Where can I start? I featured him in my old blog years about the fantastic metal head dress he made, which is this one:

If that didn’t catch your attention, please look at the next few photos I’ll be featuring in this entry (a very Manuel Albarrán appreciation post). The Spaniard artist Manuel Albarrán is probably the only man in the industry able to weave magic with his masterpieces and all of his works totally feed my obsession with Victorian wear, obscure metallic accessories and skin. He dedicates his art to the new and interesting concept of metal couture which he develops carefully by using interesting combination of metal and other materials. Heck, his portfolio consists of a gorgeous galleria of metal gilded models and his pieces look great even on bare skin and results are cosmic, magnificent and decadent. His works breathes life to any ensemble by giving them a historic, futuristic, steampunk and avant garde edge. It’s all wonderfully and tastefully done. All images are taken from his official online portfolio.


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